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The Holy Prophet of Islam Receives His Mission


"Hira" is a high and beautiful mountain that is situated near the city of Mecca, and the cave, Hira, is a small cave near the peak of this mountain.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), before his prophethood, from time to time used to go to the cave of Hira, and in that quiet and secluded spot he would spend his time in worship and reflection. At night, he used to stand on a stone slab at the entrance of the cave and look out for a while over the clear sky of Mecca and its multitudes of beautiful stars.

He used to gaze at the splendor and grandeur of the creation, then he would go into the cave and pray to the Creator of this great world.

He would say, "O Lord, You did not create this great world and the beautiful sun, and stars in vain. You have an aim and a purpose for Your creation!"

It was a beautiful dawn and Muhammad (PBUH) was praying inside that cave when he experienced the prophetic glory with all his existence. Jibrail, the angel, had come and, in his heavenly tones, he said, "O Muhammad! Thou art now God's Prophet. God has commanded you to save mankind from polytheism, idolatry and misery, and to call them to the freedom and grandeur of worship of the "One" and of Unity.

O Muhammad! Now thou art God's Prophet. Call people to Islam."

Muhammad (PBUH) saw Jibrail and heard the message which he had brought from God with all his being.

Then, with an illuminated heart, an aware conscience, and full of certainty, he came down from Mount Hira and went in the direction of home. Khadija, his affectionate wife, opened the door for him and, on seeing his shining face, became very pleased.

Muhammad (PBUH)- who had now become God's Prophet... said to his wife, "I was on Mount Hira when I beheld God's great angel, Jibrail, who said to me in his heavenly voice.

'O Muhammad, behold, you are God's Prophet! 'Thy God has commanded that you save mankind from polytheism, idolatry and misery and that you call them to the freedom and grandeur of worship of the "One" and of Unity,' "An arduous task and difficult responsibility has been placed on my shoulders." he said.

Khadija, that great lady, said to her trustworthy and truthful husband, "I already knew that you would become a Prophet of God, and I was waiting for such a glorious day.

The Prophet 'Isa gave the tiding of your Prophethood.

"Yes, God has placed a weighty responsibility on your shoulders; I testify to the Oneness of God, and believe in your Prophethood, and become a Muslim, and in all circumstances I am your supporter and helper."

Imam 'Ali, who was an aware and intelligent boy, believed in the Prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH) and was the first to become a Muslim.

For some time the number of Muslims was not more than these three Muslims, but with the high ambition and heavenly determination which they had, they decided to fight the world of idolatry and irreligion. At the start, only these three people used to stand for prayer and, in front of astonished eyes, they would beseech and speak to the One True God.

A man relates, "One day, I was sitting in the Holy Mosque of Mecca. I saw a handsome man enter the mosque, he threw a glance at the sky and stood still, a youth stood on his right side, and then a woman came and stood behind them.

"For a while they stood still, saying something, then they bent, stood up again, sat down and put their heads on the ground.

"I was astonished and said to the person sitting next to me, 'Abbas, who are these three people? What are they doing?'

"The handsome man standing in front is Muhammad, my nephew', said Abbas. "That woman is Khadija, his faithful wife. The youth is 'Ali, another nephew of mine.

Muhammad says that God has selected him for Prophethood. The woman and the youth both believe in him and have accepted his religion. Other than these three people, no one has accepted their religion.

"'Muhammad says the religion of Islam is for all the people of the world and they will quickly accept this religion and great numbers will become Muslim."'

Our Holy Prophet was made Prophet on the 27th of the month of Rajab. This day is called the Day of Mab'ath. Our Holy Prophet was 40 years old at that time.


The Children's Book On Islam



P. 49 - 52

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