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Warning Against Conspiracies of The World Arrogants During Hajj 

part 2


The archsatan fears the promotion of the Islamic revolution in other Islamic and non-Islamic countries and withdrawal of his unclean hands from his domineered countries. Since he did not profit by economic blockade and military invasion, he tried other tricks in order to misrepresent our Islamic revolution before the world Muslims and cause Muslims to fight with one another, so that he can continue his tyranny and plundering. That is why at the exact time of Iranian strives for word unison amongst the world Muslims, to hold to the glorious Islam and unitarianism, one of the mischievous men of America and a friend of the dethroned and annihilated Shah was instructed to obtain a verdict (fatva) from the jurisprudents (muftis) of the Sunni sect, judging the Iranians as pagans, and some of these men said: "The Islam that Iranians introduce is different from our Islam". True, the Islam of Iranians is different from the Islam of those who support American men such as Sadat and Begin and shake hands with the enemies of Islam, in spite of God's ordain, and spare no efforts or calumnies to separate the Muslims.

Muslims of the world must make known those seditious people and neutralize their mischievous plots.

In all these rituals and noble stations, the prerequisite for attaining natural ambitions and humanistic aspirations is unification of all Muslims, at these stages, and word unison of all Muslim groups, regardless of their ethnic languages, colors, territories or paganish tribal perjudice, and to clamor unanimously against a common enemy who is the enemy of Islam and it has slapped him in the face at this period of time.

He considers it an apparent obstacle to his plunderings and tries to remove it by means of seditious acts through his stipendiary agents above whom are the jealous, worldly and courtier akhunds (false clergies) who are assigned to carry out his sinister intentions at any place and time particularly during Hajj season and its divine rituals. At all stages and ceremonies of this worship which is intended, mostly, for the congregation of Muslim peoples from all over the world in favor of the benefit of the deprived people of the world-and what benefit may be above withdrawal of the hands of the plunderers, from the Islamic countries ... the pilgrims must be on full alert for the counter-Islam and Qur'an deeds of these mischievous agents and seditious akhunds, and expel those who do not care for Islam and the interest of Muslims-no matter how they are counselled-because they are more devil and meaner than the pagans.

It is quite obvious to us and all thinkers and inquirers who are aware of the mischievous intentions of the Al-e-Saud administration why they accuse us of discord and call us separationists, who have, since our victory, cried out for Muslim unification and considered ourselves sympathetic towards all Muslims in pains and gains, and worse than that, they accuse the pilgrims who have lovingly journeyed to make a pilgrimage to the Prophet's shrine and God's sancturay, of mobilizatin and organization for occupation purpose of Ka'ba, burning God's sancutary and destruction of Medina and allege the presence of our military and civilian officials as evidence and grounds for their claims. In the logic of Al-e-Saud a military man, the revolutionary guards (sepah pasdaran) and the state executives of Iran must be alienated from Hajj and such pilgrims made by military or state officials are amazing to them and considered conspiratorial. In view of the world arrogants the state executives of the Islamic countries must only travel to the the west. Hajj is no business of theirs. American functionaries take the burning of American flag as the burning of God's sanctuary and the slogan of "Down with Russia, Down with America and Down with Israel" as enmity with God, Qur'an and Prophet (PBUH), and misrepresent our military executives being dressed in pilgrim's garb, as leaders of a machination.


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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