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Warning Against Conspiracies of The World Arrogants During Hajj

part 1


The Muslims attending these noble stations, of whatever nation or sect they might be, must be well aware that the main enemy of Islam and Qur'an and the glorified Prophet (PBUH) are the superpowers, especially America and its corrupt offspring, Israel who have covetous look upon the Islamic countries, and spare no crime and conspiracy to plunder the enormous underground and overground treasures, and their secret of success is sowing seeds of dispute among Muslims, in any way possible.

They may employ their hired mullahs to disunite the Shiites and Sunnis during the Hajj ceremonies, and fan the lames of this satanic plot so much so, that some simple-minded people may believe them, and thus, they cause separation and disorder. Our brothers and sisters of both sects must be on the alert and know that those blind-hearted stipendiaries intend to take away Islam, Qur'an and the Prophet's tradition in the name of Islam, Qur'an and Prophet's tradition, or at least pervert them.

Our brothers and sisters must bear in mind that America and Israel are against the essence of Islam because they consider Islam, the Holy Book and Prophet's tradition as obstacles in their way of plundering, and Iran, following the same Book and tradition has risen up, made revolution and gained victory.

Today, conspiracy against Iran and Hezbollah is indeed aimed at abolishing Islam, the Book and the Prophet's tradition, and Iran is no more than a pretext. They were quite satisfied with Iran at the time when the Shah was submissive toward them, made Iran dependent on them in everything and followed their Islam abolition plans. But they oppose today's Iran that has curtailed their hands from its interests and expelled their military advisors and affiliates from the country. On the other hand,they know that Islam is their real enemy except that Islam which is fabricated by some governments and the still worse (false clerics) mullahs. They approve of such an Islam and, it reciprocally supports them and defends their interests and it stems from the standpoint that is to suffocate the pleading cries of the Iranian Hajj at the center of revelation and alighting place of: A proclamation, from God and His Messenger, unto mankind on the day of the Greater Pilgrimage: "God and His Messenger are disgusted of the idolaters."

And pronounce them blasphemous. Therefore, at this time interval, it is the divine obligation of the Hajj pilgrims to deny any saying they might hear from the speakers, that could smack of creating disunity and separation among the lines of Muslims and to consider crying out disgust at the pagans as their obligation, so that Hajj becomes Abrahamian (ABOL-ANBYA), and Muhammadan (PBUH), otherwise the saying: "How great in number are the lamenters and how few the real pilgrims" will be applicable to them.

At the threshold of the gathering of world Muslims and the time for general accord of various Muslim sectarians for deliverance of their countries from the unclean clutches of superpowers and at the threshold of withdrawing the hands of East and West from Iran by unison of words and dependence on God Almighty, under the banner of Islam and monotheism, the archsatan summoned his chicks to sow the seeds of separation amongst Muslims, by any imaginable trick, aid draw the monotheist people and religious brothers into discord and hostility and pave the way for their increasing domination and plunder.


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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