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Hajj: The Focus For Strife Against World Arrogants

part 4


Should we sit idle at home and practically tolerate the satans and the satan breed, by erroneous analysis, belittling humankind, and inspire the spirit of inability and helplessness in Muslims, and prevent the society from achieving purity which is the ultimate aim and extreme perfection, and convince ourselves that the fights of the prophets against idols and idolatry had been limited to wooden and stone-made lifeless sculptures, and, suppose that, God forbid, a prophet such as Abraham who pioneered idol breaking had abandoned the battle-field when confronting the tyrants? Whereas, all his idol-breakings and fights against Nimrodians, and the moon, the sun and star worshippers, had been the prelude to a grand emigration and all the emigrations, sufferings, dwelling in a dry desert, building the House and sacrificing Ishmael were the prelude to a prophetic mission, in which, the last of the Prophets (PBUH) repeats the words of the first and the last institutors of Ka'ba and proclaims his eternal mission by saying: "I disgust he whom you associate with".

Should we present an otherwise analysis, we would have to judge that at the present time there is no idol and no idolatry at all, but which reasonable human being is there who has not recognized the modern idolatry in its special forms, charms and tricks, and be uninformed about the dominion of idol houses like the white house, over Islamic countries and lives and chastities of Muslims and of the third world.

Today our cry of disgust at the pagans is an outcry against cruelty of the tyrants, and an outcry of a people who are in agony of the transgressions of the East and West, at whose top, are America and its affiliates, a people whose homeland and possessions have been plundered. Our cry of disgust is the outcry of the oppressed and wronged nation of Afghanistan, and I am sorry that Russia did not follow my advice regarding Afghanistan and invaded this Islamic country. Once more I admonish them to leave the Afghan nation alone. They can determine their destinies and insure their independence. They do not need Kremlin's guardianship or America's custody, and, certainly enough, upon withdrawal of the foreign troops they will never yield to other dominions, and will strike down on America if it decides to intrude.


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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