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Hajj: The Focus For Strife Against World Arrogants

part 3


God willing, we will not let the voice of compromise with America and Russia profane and polytheism be ringing in the ears from Ka'ba, the grand pulpit mounted on the lofty height of humanity, where the grievances of the oppressed must be aired instead and the call for monotheism resounded. We ask Almighty God to bless us with the power to resound the death of America and Russia, not only from Ka'ba of Muslims, but also, from the church bells across the world. Let the Muslims and the oppressed of the world feel free and boast of the endless peril that our Islamic revolution has created for all the world plunderers, proclaim their liberation and free will to control their own lives and destinies and redress their grievances, as the period of dead ends and disappointments and breathing in profane environs has come to an end and the flower-beds of the nations are revealed. And I hope that all Muslims will spectate the blossoms of freedom, the fragrant spring breeze, the fresh flowers of love and affection and the abounding limpid fountains of effervescence of their own free will.

We must all, pull ourselves out of the marshy lagoon of silence and immovability in which the American and Russian politicians have sowed the seeds of death and bondage, set off for the ocean from which "ZamZam" has sprung and cleanse, by our tears, the curtain of Ka'ba and God's sanctuary that have been stained by the unclean hands of the untrustworthy America and the American breed.

O! Muslims of all countries across the world! Since you have been subjected to gradual death under foreign dominion, you must overcome your fear of death and benefit from the enthusiast martyrdom-seeking youths who are prepared to break the fronts of the pagans. Do not try to continue your present situations, but think of escape from captivity, and deliverance from slavery and attack against the enemies of Islam, as your honor and vitality is subject to striving and your first step is will power and determination to deny yourselves of the dominion of the pagans and polytheists, especially America. Whether we be in Mecca or not, our hearts and souls are with Abraham and in Mecca. Whether they close the gates of the Prophet's Medina to us or not, our bonds of love towards the Prophet will never break or be weakened. We pray facing Kaba and die facing Ka'ba and thank God, we remain steadfast in our loyalty to God, as we laid the foundation of expressing disgust at the pagans, with the bloods of many thousands of martyred dear ones and did not await the support of a few mean rulers of the Islamic or non-Islamic countries. We, the deprived and the barefoot are the ever oppressed people of history. We have none but God, and will never abandon fighting the tyrants, even if we are mutilated a thousand times.

Dear Brothers and Sisters! In whichever country you are, defend your Islamic and national honor against your enemies, i.e. America, international Zionism and the eastern and western major powers without any circumspection and disclose the tyrannies of the enemies of Islam.

My Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters! You are aware of the fact that all our material and intellctual interests are being plundered by superpowers of East and West leaving us in poverty and dependence politically, economically, culturally and militarily. Come to your senses and regain your Islamic personality. Do not yield to cruelty and disclose the sinister conspiracies of international plunderers, above whom stands America.

We are duty-bound to exclaim our disgust at the pagans as our first stage of fight and proceed to the next stages, and at any  period it calls for its appropriate style of demonstration and planning. We must see what we should do at a time like today when the chiefs of paganism and polytheism are threatening the existence of monotheism and have trifled with all the national, cultural, religious and political representations of the nations.


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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