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Hajj: The Focus For Strife Against World Arrogants

part 2


Mahdi (A.S), the expected, is said, in differnt religions and by all the Muslims in unison, to raise the cry of monotheism from Kaba. All raise their cries from Kaba and Mecca and we must imitate them and raise our cry for unison of words and call for monotheism from that sacred place and break the idols by our cries and calls and by airing our grievances and divulgences and expel the devils on whose top is the grand Satan, so as to have performed the Hajj ritual as Abraham, Muhammad and Mahdi have done, otherwise we will be subject to the saying that:

"How great in number are the lamenters and how few the real pilgrims".

All you, O! Dear pilgrims to the sanctified House of God! You who have rushed towards God's House, the monotheism center, the revelation place, Abraham and Mohammad's station-the two idol-breaking supermen and protesters against the tyrants-and made yourselves reach noble stations that had been thirsty lands and water less high lands at the age of revelation but they were alighting site of God's angels and rushing spot of God's soldiery and station point of God's prophets and pious servants. You should fully appreciate these great intelligentsia, equip yourselves, at this idol-breaking center, for breaking big idols that are developed as satanic powers and cannibal plunderers and never fear these faithless powers. Depend on Almighty God, swear allegiance of unity against the forces of polytheism and mischief and avoid separation and dispute.

And obey God, and His Messenger, and do not quarrel with each other and so lose heart, and your power depart; and be patient; surely God is with those who are patient.

In the logic of world arrogants one showing disgust at the pagans shall be accused of paganism, and the "mufti's" and "mufti sons", those descendants of Bal'am Ba'ura will sentence him to death.

No wonder that, in the course of the history of Islam, the same sword of paganism and infidelity that was once concealed under the pilgrim's garb of Yazeedians and the hired functionaries of Omayyeds-God's curse upon them-for the massacre of the best truthful children of the Prophet (PBUH), Abi-Abdellah Al-Hussein (A.S) and his faithful supporters, once more comes out of the garbs of the heirs of BANI-SUFYAN and cuts the clean and pure throats of the followers of Imam Hussein (A.S) in the hot environ of the Karbala of Hejaz, at the sanctuary altar, and accuse them of the same calumnies as the Yazidians did against the truthful children of Islam, as they called them gentiles, atheists, polytheists and whose bloods may be shed with impunity. They have accused their followers just the same. We hope, God willing, to calm down our heartache, in due course, by revenging ourselves on America and the Saudi dynasty and leave the scar of privation from the sweetness of these grave crime, on their hearts, and thereafter, we will enter the Holy Mosque after colebrating the victory of righteousness over blasphemy and infidelity and the liberation of Kaba from the clutches of the  incompetent and the untrustworthy.''

Muslims, when they go on Hajj pilgrimage must perform a Hajj that is lively, pounding and condemning the criminal Russia and America. Such will be an acceptable Hajj.

The pilgrims to the House of God and the enthusiasts for meeting God are departing from their houses of egotism towards God Almighty and His precious messenger at a time when the dignified Mecca is prepared to embrace the justice seeking Muslims, and welcome their pounding cries against the super tyrants and super plunderers of the time, and looks forward to receiving them.

Stone pitching site looks forward to receiving the self sacrificers who come from a country whose brave people have fearlessly expelled big, little and medium satans, and now at this site, they are going to pitch stones at and expel the group of satans from the metropolis and its surroundings which is the whole world.

You must bear in mind that the final remedy lies in the union of all the muslims, and their general agreement, to cut the hands of the superpowers off the Islamic countries and to materialize the slogans given at these sacred stations and honored shrines, when returning home.


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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