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Hajj: The Focus For Strife Against World Arrogants

part 1


In cooperation with the other pilgrims from over the world, convert the sanctified Mecca into the focus for crying out against the tyrants, as this is one of the secrets of Hajj and God Almighty is free from want of human worships and "LABBEYKS".


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I would like to congratulate all the world Muslims on the occasion of the grand Islamic Feast of Sacrifices; a festival that reminds the conscious man of the Abrahamian altar, the altar that teaches the descendants of Adam and God's chosen ones and the saints, the self-sacrifice and crusade for the cause of Almighty God. None but the glorious prophets, the highly esteemed saints and the consecrated servants of God can comprehend the depth of the monotheistic and political aspects of this act. This father of monotheism and idol-breaker of the world taught us and all the human beings, that sacrificing in the cause of God has its political and social values before its worship and monotheistic aspect.

     He taught us and all, to sacrifice our dearest fruit of life, for the cause of God and celebrate.

Sacrifice yourselves and your dear ones in order to enact and promote God's religion and divine justice. He taught us all, that Mecca and Mena are the altars of the attached devotees, and the sites for promoting monotheism and negating polytheism, as, attachment to one's life and dear ones, is also counted as polytheism.

He taught the descendants of Adam to strive in the cause of rightfulness and to convey to the world inhabitants, from this exalted place, the lesson of devotion and self-sacrifice; to tell them that one must lose his self-possession in the cause of righteousness and enactment of heavenly justice and to cut off the hands of the pagans, and relinquish every thing and even sacrifice a dear one such as Ishmael (God's Sacrifice) so that justice be eternal.

This idol-breaker and his dear son, the second idol-breaker, prince of the prophets, Mohammad Mostafa (Lit., the Chosen One) (PBUH), taught the humankind that all the idols, of any kind, must be broken and Kaba, as the metropolis and wherever extended therefrom, to the last spot on earth, to the last day of the world, must be cleansed from the contamination of idols of any kind, whether a sculpture, the sun, the moon, an animal, or a human being; yet what idol can be worse and more dangerous than the tyrants, throughout history, from the time of Adam to the time of Abraham until the time of Mohammad (PBUH) up to the last of the time when the final idol-breaker will call for monotheism?

Aren't the superpowers of our time some big idols that summon the world inhabitants to their obedience and worship? Don't they impose their rule by force, hypocricy or money?

The sanctified Kaba is the sole center of breaking such idols. Abraham, God's intimate, in early times, and Mohammad (PBUH), God's beloved and his dear son, Mahdi, the promised, (may my soul be sacrificed for him), late in the era, voiced and will voice the call for monotheism.

God Almighty said to Abraham: "And proclaim among men the Pilgrimage, and they shall come unto thee on foot and upon every lean beast, they shall come from every deep ravine."

And He said: "And do thou purify My House for those that shall go about it and those that stand, for those that bow and prostrate themselves"

It means a purge of all the filths, above all of which is polytheism which is said at the part of the noble verse.

     And we read in Surah "Repentance": A proclamation, from God and His Messenger; unto mankind on the day of the Greater Pilgrimage; "God and His Messenger are disgusted of the idolaters."


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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