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Hajj and Promotion of The Islamic Revolution

part 3


And, amongst our dear people, there are the disabled, the living martyrs, the survivors and the martyrs' families, who keep watchful eyes on your deeds, and now, there you are with your heavy responsibility of divine trusteeship, your Islamic obligation and    your    conscience    and    natural    disposition.    You    will either-thanks to the martyrs' bloods and the reputation of Islam and your dear innocent nation-be prideful proclaimers of justice and missionaries of Islam and the Islamic Republic by actions and words and in addition to getting the spiritual reward of pilgrimage to the House of God and the shrines of God's friends (saints) especially the glorious Prophet (PBUH), you will be blessed by the mercy of Almighty God and the benediction conferred by God's remainder-may our souls be sacrificed for his arrival-and drowned in Almighty God's graces and blessings both in this and the other world, or, God forbid, be the proclaimers of satan and promoters of the promulgations of the enemies of Islam and a cause for disgrace of Islam and the Islamic Republic and the martyrs and sufferers of your nation in which case you will be rejected as nonconfidants.

Now, you dear ones are faced with a choice between seeking eternal prosperity and obtaining the consent of God and His favorite ones, or, eternal villainy and privation.

 I hope, by the blessings of the well worth whiles and the holy stations and our deprived people's benediction that escorts you, you will be of the first class and bring honor and pride for Islam, the martyrs, the disabled and your nation and country, repel the enemies of Islam and Muslims, disappoint the foes, hold them in contempt, while enlivening the friends. Although you know what to do and what not to do, but I just hint the most important things as the discharge of my duty and an ultimatum:

Strictly observe the Islamic and humane character and behavior towards all the pilgrims, from any class, color, language, country and ethnic group they might be; show patience at all times, states and happenings; treat every body with generosity; be lenient and peaceful when facing up to harshnesses and affectionate   against   mistreatments   and   for   Almighty   God's gratification, exercise forbearance, in any mishap, by whoever it might be, open heartedly and generously, since those holy stations and noble shrines are not places of dispute and fight.

Behave in such a way that shows that you have come from the country of Imam Sadeq (PBUH), which itself is a worthy service to Islam and the Islamic Republic and to your fellow citizens, and be assured that you will enjoy the gratification of this practice upon returning home, in addition to obtaining God's consent and that of the glorious Prophet (PBUH) and God's remainder (may my soul be sacrificed for his arrival), who is present and witnessing.


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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