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Hajj and Promotion of The Islamic Revolution

part 2


You are representing a nation whose Islamic revolution, despite its young age, and notwithstanding the overwhelming entanglements resulting from their confrontation with both, the eastern and the western superpowers and the sabotage acts by their hired terrorists, has awaken the Islamic countries in East and West as well as the oppressed people of the world over, attracted them to Islam and succeeded to make the world inhabitants hear the voice of Islam as much as possible and gain their favor.

You pilgrims to the sanctified House of God are carrying the message of this nation and representing this country. Your position is, then, quite sensitive and your responsibility great. You will either do, as expected, try to be the admiration of all, by your worthy behavior and Islamic and revolutionary conduct and display to the world nations, the true countenance of the Islamic revolution and attract their attentions to the grand revolution of Iran by your brotherly and affectionate behavior and practically nullify the deprived, mischievous propaganda of their promulgation horns, in which case your Hajj ritual will get favorable reception and ample reward, or if, God forbid, some ignorant people do contrary to the afore-mentioned, which I hope they won't, otherwise they will have committed a grave sin in the presence of God and before His House, the Qeblah of the world Muslims, stepped out of the ranks of pilgrims to the sanctified House of God and the shrines of the Prophet (PBUH) and other infallible Imams at Baqi' and return home with a haversack of vice.

Anyhow, the Iranian pilgrims must bear in mind that all their deeds and behaviors at all stages of Hajj are closely watched by both the friends and enemies of our revolution.

The enemies try to find a pretext, however minor, to misrepresent the piety and heavenly honor of our people, and the friends and adherents of the revolution are anxious to learn about the manners and particulars of this nation whose fame, by God's favor, has captured the world over, and Hajj is the best rendezvous for association of the Islamic nations, where Muslims from all over the world will become acquainted with one another at a House that belongs to all Islamic communities and followers of Abraham and abandoning their differences of race, color, nationality and personality return to their original home and display to the world the perspective of a Mohammadan community and pleasantness of Islamic brotherhood by observing Islamic noble ethics and avoiding disputes and luxuriousness.

I request the respectable Iranian pilgrims to consider from what country they are departing and towards whom they are proceeding. They are departing from a country whose nation has risen up for the cause of dear Islam and to replace the tyrannic ordains with the luminous precepts of Islam, for which, men and women and the old and the young sacrificed all their possessions; dear dedicated youths-whose divine values we are unable to  apprehend-were martyerd, disabled or captivated; a nation who, willingly, relinquished their properties and lives for the cause of God and welcomed the bereavement of their dear ones. They are proceeding towards the House of Almighty God, the chief aim of hopes of the glorious prophets and the exalted saints and the revelation spot and alighting place of Gabriel, the entrusted, and the angels of God; they are advancing towards God, so that every move and repose of theirs be Godly; towards the altar of the dear Ishmael who instructed us how to sacrifice everything for the cause of God; towards Mohammad's Medina, so as to become Mohammadan and to learn how to live, how to strive and how to traverse towards the beloved; towards the shrines of their glorious Prophet (PBUH) and the highly esteemed saints who had not minded the world and its allurements, not in the least, nor had they thought of anything except God's commandments and not sought except His gratification; then beware where you are going! Your responsibility is great, indeed. Your actions and deeds, are, in addition to being in the presence of Almighty God and observed by God's friends (saints) and angels, before the eyes of thousands of pilgrims coming from the Islamic countries across the world, and possibly at times they might be influenced by the vast promulgations of the enemies of Islam and Iran, that are busy, day and night, with alleged fabrications about Islam and the nation of Iran and its servants, misrepresenting the risen people of these territory, hoping either to make some world Muslims believe or throw them into confusion.


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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