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Hajj and Promotion of The Islamic Revolution

part 1


The honorable pilgrims must bear in mind that they are departing from an Islamic, dedicated and revolutionary country, and all the friends and foes look up to them; friends, to see if the honorable pilgrims are still bound to their Islamic commitments, do they preserve the prestige of the magnificent Islamic revolution in their deeds and words and dealings with the other Muslims, do they show patience and forbearance when encountering difficulties and hardships that are inseparable from this holy journey, do they admit to the ever presence and onlooking of Almighty God at all happenings and will they return home with honor and pride and be a means to promotion of the revolution, or, God forbid, they might do or say something, no matter how minor it may be, contrary to Islamic character and conduct, at this sight of other Muslims, that will disgrace Islam and the Islamic Republic, which is an unforgivable sin; and the foes to invert their deeds and words, try to find faults, no matter how small they might be, aggrandize and propagate them in order to show to the foreigners an inverted appearnce of Islam and the Revolution and misrepresent the Iranian Muslims as unrestrained people, and Islam as a school which is digressed from the exalted human values, and the noble Iranians as disgraceful and aloof from civilization and elevation.

The honorable pilgrims must be aware of the fact that their responsibility before Almighty God and the noble nation of Iran who are striving for the cause of Islam and its humane teachings is very great and grave.

 Do not consider the present year-while we all know the superpowers and their affiliates have got their claws into the Islamic and the oppressed countries of the world more than before and the bloods of the innocent youths are dripping down from their finger tips-to be like the year before.

Today the world major powers are frightened of Islam and its "East and West rub off programs and the big satan has called the little satans and get into all kinds of conspiracies in order to put out God's fight.


*  *  *


The respectable Iranian Hajj pilgrims and the pilgrims to the "two noble shrines" should bear in mind that they are journeying to the House of God and the Prophet's shrine and the sanctified shrines of the Prophet's progeny, from a country whose nation has risen up for the cause of Islamic objectives and to expel the despots from their dear country, and that their Muslim brothers from all over the world have watchful eyes on them and the news reporters and the lie fabricators of propaganda trumpets and the enemies who falsify light straws as heavy rocks, are lying in ambush, watchful on their deeds and words and intending to

spread rumors across the world. In such a case, the slightest deviation and fault must be avoided, as, being at the presence of Almighty God and the Prophet (PBUH) and observed by other pilgrims to the "two holy places" is to be regarded as a great sin and big fault, with consideration to its aftermath. Because some deeds and words in addition to being against the sanctity of the "two holy places", may result in disgrace to the Islamic Republic of Iran which is set up for the cause of devine sovereignty and enforcement of the heavenly commandments of the holy Qur'an and enactment of the Prophet's tradition, and because of some poor conducts might be inverted by mischievous fault finders who lie in wait for cavilling pretexts to spread rumors against Islam and misrepresent the resplendent countenance of Islam and the Islamic Republic and the relevant guilt be registered in their record of deeds, while they have traversed for worship and fulfillment of their Hajj obligation.

You are journeying to Hajj from a triumphant country that has struggled for years under oppressive rule of kings but, by the grace of Almighty God and the blessing of God's remainder, may our souls be sacrificed to him, broke off the bonds and ties while tolerating hardships and sufferings and offering to Islam thousands of martyrs and disabled, in the cause of final goal.

You are carrying the message of a nation who has saved a country that was about to be drowned in vice, obscenity and heresy arising from easternization, and worse than that, from westernization states, and replaced a wicked government with an Islamic one. The same people, who are determimed to promote their Islamic revolutionary message to familiarize not only the Islamic countries, but also the oppressed people of the world, with the dear Islam and an Islamic just-ruling system.


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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