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The Political Dimensions of Hajj


part 4


Religion entails state politics and guidance towards the right path of negating "the eastern and the western". The worship of a true religion is linked-up with politics and its political practices are considered as worship.

Now that Muslims from different countries are proceeding towards their center point of aspirations and pilgrimage to the House of God to perform their heavenly ordained obligation, and form a magnificent Islamic congress, in a blessed place, during blessed days, they must, as missionaries of God, benefit from its political and social contents, in addition to its worship aspect, and not be contented with the mere, soulless performance of it. It is obvious that arranging such a great congress is not possible for any individual official or government. It is only resulted from obeying Almighty God's  commandment.  Regretfully,  Muslims have not sufficiently benefitted from this divine power in the best interests of Islam and Muslims.

Now that the pilgrims are departing from their worldly homes towards the Sacred House of God, and abandon all but the true beloved, as there is none save Him, inwardly and outwardly, they should bear in mind that the Abrahamian-Mohammadan Hajj has long been relinquished, both spiritually and socially. The Hajj pilgrims of all Islamic countries must relieve the House of God from loneliness in all senses. Let its mystical secrets be left to the unveiled gnostics, and let us care about the political and social dimensions of Hajj from which we have been kept too far away. We are obliged to make up for the lost. This all political congress to which people from every class and group  congregate,  as summoned by Abraham and Mohammad-may God bless them both-is to benefit the general public and to make people rise for justice and is the perpetuation of idol-breakings of Abraham and

Mohammad     (PBUH)  and  pagan  breakings  and  Pharaoh  over throwings of Moses, but which idol may reach the level of the big Devil (i.e. America) and world plunderer idols and pagans who  dare summon all the oppressed people of the world to prostrate before them and enslave the free creatures of Almighty God to their own servitude?

The Hajj obligation which entails saying "LABBEYK", (Lit., here I am at Thy service) to God and departure from the ego towards the Supreme Being, by the blessed guidance of Abraham and Mohammad (PBUH), in fact is a station for negation of all idols and the tyrants of the time, and the devils and the devil breed, but which idol is graver than the archenemy, the plunderer America and the aggressor and pagan Russia, and which idol or idolet is worse than the tyrants of our time?

*  *  *

Regrettably, many Muslims, have become oblivious of the political dimension of this exalted worhip, due to their own deviation, or, misunderstanding of some individuals or conspiracies by some self-seeking functionaries.

I hereby appoint you as my representative and supervisor of the honorable pilgrims of Iran in order that, by using your peculiar political insight, you will supervise and manage the affairs and concerns of the pilgrims, revive this great heavenly tradition by calling the Muslims to unison and union, through giving sermons and at religious ceremonies, informing them of what goes on in the dear Lebanon, the striver Iran and the oppressed Afghanistan by the world tyrants and plunderers, and acquaint the honorable pilgrims of different countries with their grave responsibilities to fight against international plunderers and pillagers.


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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