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He will Come to Establish the Universal Government All around the World


A person is indebted to the blessing of hope and anticipation in his social and personal life. If it was not for this hope and anticipation there would be no purpose in looking forward to the future. Life for such a person would lack goal and meaning.To await and to act go hand in hand, and do not separate.

Anticipation is the cause of acting and movement. The value for the actual purpose of anticipation also gives importance to the anticipation itself. Furthermore, one may become familiar with the value of people through the anticipations they hold:

• Ones’ goal and anticipation may be to receive an increase in salary by the end of the year.

• Another anticipates reaching the end of his studies, receiving a degree, which would allow him to find a suitable job.

• Some other anticipates improving his status, so he could marry and begin a family to take him out of his lonely status.

• Another person waits to increase his salary so he could buy a bigger house, a better car, and so forth. Or if he is very generous he may want to get a raise in his salary so he could build hospitals, mosques, schools, libraries, etc.

• Another may be waiting to win some sort of auction or contest.In general, everyone is waiting: the businessman, the manufacturer, the farmer, the teacher, the parents, even the societies, the people, and the countries are all waiting.

• The rich regimes’ goals are to increase their powers so they can control the world through cruelty.

• The communist regimes anticipate controlling the world through poverty, wars, and racial discriminations.


The Holy Qur'an draws our attention to this fact in this verse, “Every one is awaiting, therefore do await.”‌1If anticipation is taken away from Man, the continuation of life would be meaningless and boring for him.

It is anticipation that gives life meaning and pleasure. Therefore the world, the societies, and the people are anticipators as long as they have not entered the downfall to destruction and non-existence; and they should in fact be anticipators.

Islam and AnticipationIn all areas, Islam bases its teachings and guidance on deep philosophical and sociological issues. It views anticipation and waiting as a major pillar for an Islamic society. Furthermore, Islam views waiting for a better future, the victorious conquer age, and relief, the cause of the existence of the society, the motive for positive actions, the stimulator of emotions and as a whole the best of the acts. Even the Great leader of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has introduced the waiting for relief (Faraj) as the best deed of his community. Based on this, the Muslims in general, especially the Shiites are waiting for the world to be filled with knowledge and justice, monotheism and faith, equality and brotherhood by the leader whom the Qur'an and hundreds of authentic narrations have promised his return. With his return, he will spread the monotheistic faith in the east and west. He will come to establish one community, one government, one law, and one system to unite and connect all people all around the world.Based on the extensive research in history, philosophy of religions, the Holy Qur'an, and the narrations the concept of awaiting has played a crucial role in the survival of the previous religions. Similarly the concept of awaiting is what has kept the Muslim society alive as well.


A Broader View

By first stating the anticipations of the other people, we will compare the anticipations of the Muslims, especially the Shiites.

• When both the East and West await a day they can defeat their rival, and take over the world …

• When large companies await a day they can defeat all other companies and gain the best economy…

• And when aimless people stand in lines outside the discos and bar cafes, with this hope to be let in…


In this moment a Muslim anticipates and awaits a day where the world will be ruled under the true flag of justice and truth. In this Global Islamic Society the commands of Allah (SWT) will be executed, and all injustices will be destroyed and removed.

Muslims await a day when poverty and ignorance will be removed from the societies. They await a day when a perfect government is established and pious people gain control. They await a day where geographical differences, national differences, religious differences, and false regimes are destroyed.This is the view and hope of the Muslims that desires goodness, freedom, equality, knowledge, peace, and comfort for all people.This anticipation strengthens the person, and makes him brave, independent. This anticipation is not just a word to be said, it is an act, it is a revolution, and it is patience along with strength.

(Selection taken from the book “Imamah and Mahdawiyat”‌ by Ayatullah Saafi Golpaygani).



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