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Proper model of consumption, theoretical and strategic foundations in the holy Qur’an and religious sayings

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The consumption model in every society has a determining role in the allocation of production resources, type of products and the method of distribution. This is due to the fact that the optimal allocation of resources for production of commodities and providing services for obtaining the necessary and vital needs of the society as well as elimination of poverty and deprivation to a large extent depends on realizing the proper model of consumption and its prevalence and this is contingent upon directing the thoughts, notions, traditions and values accepted by the society or in other words the public culture in a rational and logical manner. This article has been prepared in two sections, namely the theoretical and strategic foundations in order to become aware of detecting the proper model of consumption and at the same time practically clarify the characteristics related to the proper model of consumption for members of the society and designate the appropriate methods for allocation of incomes as well as consumption of commodities and services.

Comprehending the real requirements and observing moderation and to economize in using the facilities is reflected by the proper model of consumption.

Consumption in the society has an important role in determining the type, level and shape of production and distribution. Meanwhile, it is influenced by the type and level of production.

Proper model of consumption

It is necessary to consider certain points concerning the necessity for adopting a proper model of consumption:

1-  If the individuals living in a society are directed towards further consumption, a major portion of the revenue in the society will be allocated to consumption and in this way the level of savings will be reduced and grounds for investment will be eliminated. In this way, the level of production will be reduced bringing about social poverty. Economic weakness paves the way for cultural poverty and social decline raising social vulnerability in the face of domineering powers and threatening the political independence of the country. If the increasing needs of the society are obtained through imports, the needed foreign currency for purchasing goods from the global market will intensify the trend of dependence.

2-  There is no absolute abundance in any society and elements of production face relative shortage and limitation. The consumption model prevailing in the society can be helpful in the optimal allocation of resources as well as utilizing the elements of production in order to encompass the basic and necessary needs and through setting priorities and realizing the level of importance pave the way for making logical use of the facilities. Bearing in mind the fact that the facilities and capabilities of the society in every period of time suffer from certain limitations and the needs grow constantly due to the growing population. Such a condition requires increasing of production; otherwise, the production of meager commodities and services has to be distributed among members of a large population leading to increasing poverty and deprivation.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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