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The Ulema of Islamic Countries and The Hajj Worship

part 2


Is it not humiliating for the clerics of the Islamic countries to see that heathen rules and regulations be enacted in the Islamic countries and decisions dictated by those of "wealth-power-hypocrisy" and the real opponents of Islam be exerted while having access to the Holy Qur'an, the resplendent precepts of Islam the "Sunnat", (Lit., manners of the Prophet (PBUH) and the infallible Imams), thus, enabling the politicians of Kremlin or Washington to issue instructions for the Islamic countries? The clerics (ulema) of the Islamic countries must discuss the ways to solve Muslims' problems and difficulties and their deliverance from the dominion of the tyrant powers, take up cudgels for the benefit of Muslims, preclude the invasion of the eastern and western sordid cultures that ends in destruction of the seeds and yields of the nations. They should point out to their own peoples, the evil consequences of self-surrender to the garish attractions of west and east, and warn the nations and the governments against neocolonialism and the mischief-making acts of superpowers who have stirred up wars and bloody massacre of Muslims.

Once again I emphasize that the world is thirsty for the resplendent facts and precepts of Islam and there is no excuse to be made by the clerics before God.

 While the Muslim youths proceed to the extent of self-sacrifice and martyrdom, in order to defend their sanctities, and willingly embrace the waves of calamities and disasters as well as prisons and tortures like the Lebanese dear Hezbollah fighters and other Muslim valiant warriors who persevere and fight against the usurpers, then what stronger evidence may be required and what excuse may be given for silence, condescension, home retreat and unnecessary dissimulations?

Should the clerics and ulema hesitate to take actions, it will be too late to remedy then. Needless to say that we are aware of the loneliness of some duty-bound clerics who are surrounded by bayonets and put under pressure of threats and unlawful decrees of evil courtier clerics, however, we remind these dear ones of God's advice that: "Say: I give you but one admonition, that you stand unto God, two by two and one by one, and then reflect:"

Rise for God's sake and do not fear loneliness and isolation. Mosques are the best bastions and the Mass Prayers and Friday Prayers, the most suitable arenas for organization and explication of expediencies of the Muslims. Today, although the governments and those subservient to the superpowers are seriously fighting against the Muslims, and like the Indian government, they massacre the innocent, the freedom-loving and the defenseless, however, they dare not close the mosques and temples of the Muslims permanently, nor will they manage to put out the spiritual illumination of love and cognizance of the multimillion Muslims. At the same time, should they close down the mosques and religious and political circles of the ulema, or, even hang them in public, this will serve as an evidence of innocence of Islam and further the general attraction of the public to the clergy and following them.

Is it not that God has bound the ulema not to remain silent against the cruelties of tyrants and the injustice of the criminals?

     Aren't the ulemas "HOJJAT" (Lit., proxies) of the prophets and the infallible Imams on earth? Thence the ulema, the learned and the intellectuals must come to the rescue of Islam and save it from its present isolation. Tolerate no more humiliation and degradation. Strike down the idol of the imposed lordship and supremacy of the world plunderers, reveal your enlightened and authoritative features, expel the double-dealers, the false clerics, the mammon worshippers and the tumultuous and do not let the wicked ulemas, the eulogists, and the tyrants impose their authority on the people, in place of the real leaders of the Muslim peoples, and take advantage of the spiritual status of the ulema of Islam.


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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