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The Remedial and Problem-Solving Occasion for The Muslims

part 3


In this magnificent congregation that can not be convened except by God's eternal might, the Muslims must look into their common problems and make efforts to eliminate them through joint consultations; one of the biggest and most essential problems is the disunity within the Muslims, of which, some of the so-called heads of Islamic countries are the source, and for the elimination of which, no sound measure has been taken yet. Moreover, the porfiteering criminals who benefit from the differences between our nations and governments, fan the flames of our disputes, that are created by their un-Godly functionaries, and whenever the foundation of unity of the Muslims is laid, they try, with all their might, to oppose and sow the seeds of discord.

*  *  *

The Muslims must be thoughtful of educating and correcting the self-surrender heads of some countries, and awaken them, either by admonition or menaces, as they may, both, destroy themselves and dissipate the interests of the Islamic nations. Warn those subservient servitors, intelligently, watch out for the threats of the hypocrites and the middle-men of the world imperialistic powers. Do not sit idle, just watching the defeats of Islam and pillages of the assets and treasures and offences to the chastes of Muslims.

* *  *

Today the first "Qeblah" of the Muslims is seized by Israel, the cancer in the Middle East. Today, Israelis attack and massacre our dear Palestinian and Lebanese brothers, with all their might. Today Israelis, try, by using all their satanic means, to disperse the Muslims forces.

It is obligatory that all Muslims be fully prepared to fight against Israel. Today, the African Muslim countries writhe, under the yoke of slavery of America and other foreigners and their subservient servitors. Today, the Muslim Africans raise their voice, more and more, pleading for justice.

Pilgrimage to Hajj must respond to these pleadings. Circumambulating the Kaba is an indication that you would not seek to approach anyone else. Stoning at Aqabat means stoning the devils of both humankind and jinns. By stoning, you promise to God that you will expel the human devils and the superpowers from the Islamic countries.

Today the world of Islam is encroached upon by America. You are to pass on, to the Muslims of different continents, a message from God, that they must worship none but Almighty God.


*  *  *


Seek remeclies for the liberation of the Islamic land of Palestine from the clutches of Zionism-the obstinate enemy of Islam and humanity.

Do not fail to cooperate with and assist the self-sacrificers who fight in the cause of Palestine liberation.

*  *  *

Muslim nations must think about Palestine deliverance, and announce to the world, their strong disgust at the connivance and compromise of the shameful and self-surrender leaders, who, in the name of Palestine, have spoiled the ideals of the people of the occupied lands and the Muslims of this region. Do not let these traitors ruin the prestige and honor of the heroic nation of Palestine by their negotiations and plying to and for, as, these

contemptible false revolutionaries have recourse to America and Israel, in the name af "Qods" liberation. Surprisingly, with every passing day, since the sanguinary catastrophe of usurping Palestine, the heads of Islamic countries grow more silent and compromising, and the plot of condescension to Israel progresses and propagation for the slogan of liberating Jerusalem is not heard about any more, and if a country like Iran, which itself is suffering from war and blockade, would cry out in support of the people of Palestine, they will condemn it. Moreover, they are even scared of the fact that a special day be held dear, and named "the Qods Day".

Perhaps they are proceeding on the supposition that the lapse of time has changed and nature and features of the crimes of Israel and the Zionist bloodthirsty wolves have forsaken their mischievous thought to encroach upon and occupy the lands from the Nile to the Euphrates. The honorable authorities and the people of Iran and the Islamic nations will never give up fighting against and uprooting this impure tree. With God's assistance, all efforts must be made to make the best use of the scattered blood drops of the followers of Islam, the spiritual might of Muslim peoples and the means of the Islamic countries, and by forming resistance forces of Hezbollah all over the world, make Israel repent of its past crimes and free the forcibly occupied lands of Muslims from their clutches. As I have repeatedly warned, before and after the revolution and last year, once more I warn you of the danger of the development of the infectious tumor of Zionism within the body of the Islamic countries, and proclaim the availability of the unsparing backing of myself and the Iranian nation and government to all the zealous Muslim fighters in the cause of Qods liberation and express my gratitude to the dear Lebanese youths who brought about honor and exaltation for the Islamic peoples and shame and humiliation for the world plunderers and pray for all the dear ones, who, within the occupied lands or by the boundaries, depending on their own arms of faith and jihad, impair the interests of Israel and I assure them that people of Iran will not leave them alone. Rely upon God, take advantage of the spiritual might of Muslims and attack the enemies by depending on your arms of piety, jihad and perseverance.

"O believers, if you help God, He will help you, and will put you through your paces."


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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