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Hajj and Consolidation of Unity Among The Muslims

part 1


All Muslim brothers and sisters must bear in mind that one of the important elements of the philosophy of Hajj is creation of mutual understanding and consolidation of brotherhood among the Muslims. It is therefore, incumbent upon the ulema and clergymen to discuss their essential political and social problems with other brothers in order to devise plans for the elimination of such problems so as to enable the other brothers to pose these resolutions to their own ulema and authorities upon returning to their countries.


*  * *

Hajj is the best rendezvous for acquaintances of Islamic nations, where brothers and sisters from all over the world can meet, in a House that belongs to all Muslims and followers of Abraham the Hanif, and ignoring their personal distinctions of rank, color, nationality or ethnic characteristics, return to their original   homeland   and   demonstrate   their   Islamic   brotherly veracity by observing the generous Islamic moral principles and avoiding contentions and self-glorification.

We must bear in mind that an important social philosophy of convening such a magnificent congregation from all over the world at this sacred site and alighting place of revelation, is the unification of the world Muslims and consolidation of unity among the followers of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and of the holy Qur'an in their confrontation against the world despots, and if, God forbid, imperfect practices of some pilgrims affect this unity, resulting in discord and schism, this will annoy the Messenger of God (PBUH) and bring about God's wrath and punishment.

The honorable pilgrims, while being present in close vicinity to the alighting place of blessing, the House of God, must treat all people, as God's creatures, with Islamic kindliness and brotherhood and consider them all as their kins, regardless of their ethnic distinction. All must unite and act as a single Qur'anic hand so as to overcome the enemies of Islam and humanity.

The honorable pilgrims to the sanctified House of God, of any nationality or sect, must submit to the commandments of the sacred Qur'an, rise against the devastating satanic anti-Islam deluge of East and West and their abulic porteges, holding brotherly hands of one another, pay utmost attention to the exalted Qur'anic verses that invite the Muslims to hold fast "the secure rope of Allah" and interdict schismatic movements, take the most advantage spiritually and politically from this devotional-political obligation at this sacred place that has rightly been built for the expediency of the world monotheists, and heed the secret of sacrificing Ishmael by Abraham, a fact that shows how one must persevere for the sake of Almighty God. This shows the lofty aim of Islam and defend the extent of sacrificing ones dearest fruit of life. The big, the medium and the small satans must be expelled from the sacred sanctuary of Islam and the   sanctified   Kaba   and  from   the   Islamic   territories,   thus responding "LABBEYK" to Almighty God's invitaions.

At those exalted stations, make a covenant with one another for unity and alliance, depending on Almighty God, to stand firm against the heathen soldiery and the mischievous, and avoid any schism and skirmish. "Do not quarrel together, since that makes you weak and be patient; surely God is with those who are patient."

The tinge and scent of faithfulness and of Islam which is the basis of victory and power, will diminish by schism and factious spirit based on carnal desires and contrary to Almighty God's commandments. Whereas congregation in righteous pursuits and unison, and crying out for monotheism which is the fountainhead of the dignity of Muslim Peoples will lead to victory.

O! Muslims of the world! How come? You were able to demolish the great powers of the time, in spite of your fewness in number, during the early days of Islam and brought forth such a great   Islamic-humane   nation.   But   now,   with   over   a   billion population all over the world, and being in possession of huge sources of national wealth that can be used as the most effective political weapon against the enemies, you have become so weak and humiliated.

Aren't you aware of the fact that all your miseries stem from the disputes among the heads of your countries and, consequently, among yourselves?

Rise up! Adhere to the holy Qur'an and yield to Almighty God's Commandment in order to revive the dignity of the dear Islam and your own grandeur.

Obey God's advice where He says: " Say: I give you but one admonition, that you stand unto God, two by two and one by one, and then reflect":

Rise up! All of you rise for God's sake; rise individually against your own inner devil, and rise in mass against the satanic power wielders. If your rise and movement are for God's sake, you will end up victorious.

O! Muslims of the world; O! deprived people of the world, join hands with each other, heed the Great God, take refuge in Islam and harangue to the arrogants and the trespassers on the rights of the nations.

O! Pilgrims to the House of God, unite with each other, during your service in the exalted heavenly stations and pray to God Almighty for the mastery of Islam and Muslims and the deprived people of the world.


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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