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US warships in Persian Gulf under Iran Navy watch: Cmdr.

iran’s navy commander rear admiral habibollah sayyari

Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari says the Iranian naval forces enjoy full intelligence command over all the movements of US warships in the Persian Gulf.

“We monitor all the movements of US warships and have intelligence command over their activities,”‌ Sayyari said on Tuesday

“The presence of the US warships in the free waters of the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman is in accordance with international law and we have not allowed the US to enter our territorial waters,”‌ the Iranian commander added.

Referring to the phenomenon of Somalian pirates in the Red Sea, Sayyari said the Western governments are trying to justify their presence by creating insecurity in the region.

“The phenomenon of piracy benefits the US and Western countries because insurance companies based in the US and the UK multiply their fee for the insecure areas,”‌ Sayyari added.

Despite international patrols, Somali pirates have hijacked dozens of ships in recent years and have taken in tens of millions of dollars in ransom.

Iran's Navy has managed to foil attacks on both Iranian and foreign tankers during its mission in the international waters.

In line with international efforts against piracy, the Iranian Navy has been conducting patrols in the pirate-infested Gulf of Aden since November 2008 in order to safeguard merchant containers and oil tankers owned or leased by Iran or other countries.

Source: presstv.com

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