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The Philosophy of Hajj Rites

part 1


Circumambulating the House of God denotes the fact that we should not be attracted to other than God; and the stoning at Aqabat means stoning the devils of both, humankind and Jinn. By stoning the devils you should pledge to God to expel the human devils and superpowers from the endeared Islamic countries.

Nowadays the Islamic world is seized by America. You must convey God's message to the Muslims of different continents, to worship none but God.

*  *  *

While repeating "LABBEYK" say "NO" to all idols and cry out "NO" to all the princes of the devils and the princekins of the devils; and while circumambulating God's sanctuary which denotes your love to God, disengage your hearts from the rest, and purge your soul from phobia of other than God, and along with your love to God, divulge your hatred of the little and big idols and the devils and their affiliates, as the Exalted God and His friends have expressed hatred of them, and all the liberated people of the world do hate them.

And while touching the "Black Stone", pledge to God to turn into an enemy against the enemies of God, His messengers, the liberated and piousmen and never yield to them, no matter who and where they might be, and wipe away phobia and inferiority from your hearts, for God's enemies and above them all, the archsatan, are themselves helpless, though being superior in commiting homicide and suppression and the implementation of crimes.

While perambulating between Safa and Marva, try, with all sincerity and righteousness to acquire the Beloved, as, by acquiring Him all the worldly woven webs shall be ruptured and all the doubts and mistrusts collapsed, all the carnal aspirations and desires expired, all the material bonds turn up and liberalities flourished and all the ties and attachments to the Devil and the despot will be detached.

Proceed to Mash'arel-Haram and Arafat with state of cognition and gnosis, and at each station add on your confidence in God's promises of realization of the dominion of the deprived, and silently and serenely meditate on divine signs, determine to save the deprived and the dispossessed, from the grips of the world arrogants and pray to Almighty God, at these noble stations, to open up deliverance for all.

Then proceed to Mena and preceive the righteous wishes, i.e. sacrificing your most beloved thing for the absolute Beloved's sake, and know that unless you abandon these beloved things, above which, stands your self-love-and worldliness is subject to it - you cannot gain accession to the Absolute Beloved. It is at this state  that you must  repel  the  devil  and make  him  retreat.

Observing divine decrees, repeat the act of repelling the devil and the devilkins and make them all retreat.

*  *  *

On this heavenly journey you are going to stone the Devil.

If, God forbid, you be one of devil's gang, then you will be stoning yourselves too. You must become God-like so that your stoning be Godly stoning of the Devil.

You pause at noble stations. Beware lest your pauses at these noble stations are affected by a sinful act, an offence or something that ruins not only your honor before God, but also degrades, the prestige value of Islam. Nowadays the fame of Islam is dependent on your deeds, who are going on a collective journey to these noble stations and other Muslims meet and observe you.

*  *  *

The Temple of Mecca and the dignified Ka'ba will embrace some dear pilgrims who have revived the Hajj ritual from political retreat and essential perversion and drawn it towards Abrahamian and Mohammadan Hajj, demolished the idols of East and West and demonstrated the meaning of public uprising and exclaiming disgust at the pagans.

The heart of MIQAT beats, eagerly, to receive the pilgrims arriving from the country of "no east, no west" slogan to respond to God's invitation to the straight path of humanity by their repeating "LABBEYK", and by rejecting both the eastern and western schools and nationalistic perversions, eradicate clannishness and show the feelings of brotherhood, equality and sympathy to all nations without considering the color, nationality, milieu and zone, and attempt at strengthening unity among all muslims, and fight against the enemies of humanity and the world mongers and despots, unitedly.

And the JAMARAT is awaiting the self-sacrificers who come from a country whose brave nation has expelled all the big and small and medium size devils from their country and severed their filthy hands from its homeland treasures and at this sacred place, too, they will oust and expel the devils from the Mecca and its surroundings, being the whole world, by throwing their stones and sounding off their slogans.

And ARAFAT, MASH'AR and MENA will host those whose devout nation, possessing sound political conscience and gnosis has risen up to realize the Islamic ideals in its own country and in the other tyrannized countries and defame the false politicians who, by their fraud and trickery, have attacked the meek people of the world and pilfered their assets.

*  * *

You must know that the essential remedy lies in the unity of the muslims in all, and their general congregation to cut the hands of the superpowers off the Islamic countries and actualize, the rites of the noble stations and exalted shrines in their own countries.


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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