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Magnificence of Mecca and The Sanctified House of God


Amongst the points the honorable Hajjis must take into consideration is the fact that the dignified Mecca and the exalted shrines are mirrors of illustrious events of the movements of the prophets and submission to God's will, and the prophetic mission of the most generous Prophet of Islam (PBUH). Spot by spot, this land has been the place of the glorious decending of the grand prophets and of Gabriel, the trustworthy, and reminder of the pains and afflictions the most generous Prophet (PBUH) has gone through, in the cause of Islam and humanity, attending these sacred places and exalted shrines and considering the overwhelmingly hard conditions of the prophetic mission of our Prophet (PBUH) will make us better apprehend our reponsibilities in safeg uarding the achievements of our movement and divine mission, appreciate how the Prophet (PBUH) and the infallible Imams persevered in the cause of God's religion and to efface the futile, and never feared the accusations, calumnies and insolences of   Abu-Lahabs,    Abu-Jahls    and    Abu-Sufyans,    and    not withstanding the hardest conditions of siege, while being in "SHE'B AB1-TALEB", never abstained and surrendered and then endured the bitterness of migrations and hardships and participation in frequent wars of unequal forces and fighting against thouands of plots and sabotages, made efforts to guide and advance people, so much so that the hearts of the rocks and stones, deserts and mountains and streets and bazaars of Mecca and Medina are full of tumult of messages of their prophetic guidance, and if they could converse and disclose the secrets of "So go thou straight, as thou hast been commanded" what the pilgrims of the sanctified House of God would be able to realize sufferings had the Prophet (PBUH) experienced in the cause of our guidance and deliverance, and how heavy the responsibility of his followers is. Our martyr-offering nation, though experienced tremendous pains and sacrificed dear ones in the cause  of  God,   however,   the   extent   of oppression   that  our infallible Imams have gone through, largely exceeds that of ours.


*  * *

Kaba, the sanctified, is the principal center for overthrowing the idol. Abraham, God's intimate (KHALILOLLAH), at the beginning, and Mohammad, God's beloved (HABIBOLLAH), and his dear descendant, Mahdi, may my soul be sacrificed to him, at the end of the epoch, promulgated monotheism from Kaba.

Almighty God said to Abraham: "and proclaim among men the Pilgrimage, and they shall come unto thee on foot and upon every lean beast, they shall come from every deep ravine".

And He Further said: "And do thou purify My House for those

that shall go about it and those that stand, for those that bow and prostrate themselves";

This cleaning is of all sordidness, above all of which stands polytheism, as is referred to, in the beginning of the noble verse.

     And as we read in Sura Al-Towbah:

A proclamation, from God and His Messenger, unto mankind on the day of the Greater Pilgrimage: God and His Messenger disgust the idolaters.

* * *

The sanctified House of God is the first House built for the public. It is a peoples' House.

No personality, tribe or government enjoys the privilege of priority in it. Desert dwellers, rustic people and the homeless are considered equal in status, to the city dwellers, the statesmen or to those secluded in Kaba. This dignified House belongs to peoples    and   is   appropriated    for   peoples'   uprisings   and movements and for public benefits.

This sacred Mosque and all other mosques have been centers of war organizations,  policy makings and social and political affairs. The mosque of the Prophet (PBUH) was not only a place for discussing devotional issues, such as prayers and fasting, but more discussed were the political matters. Every time they wanted to dispatch people to a war they began from the mosques.

Mecca is a place in which all prophets have performed their duties and now it is captured by a group of profane people who do not know what to do and do not understand what has been inflicted on them and the Muslims. It is a shame for all Muslims of the world that the sanctity of Mecca, the divine sanctuary, the most sacred divine station, be thus broken and the Muslims be just sitting and watching.

But the Muslims are aware of their duties, the issue must be kept lively.

* *  *

You attained the honor of pilgrimage to the House that God allocated for people and which is the first House allocated for the public as He has said: "The first House established for the people was that at Becca, a place holy, and a guidance to all beings."

This proves that Almighty God has summoned all to Islam and allocated this House for all the people of the world, from the very beginning of prophecy mission to the end.

It is the House of people with no preference given to any person or persons, group or race in particular. All the people throughout  the world, east or west, are required to become Muslims and make regular pilgrimage to this House which is allocated for human beings.

How lucky you are, who were honored with the pilgrimage to the dignified Mecca, the center of divine revelation, and to the magnificent Medina, the center of prophecy. May God Almighty accept your pilgrimage meritoriously.


"Hajj In The Words and Messages of Imam Khomeini" book

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