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Diary of the 2006 Zionist Aggression on Lebanon

Thirty Three Days of Steadfastness and Resistance All the Way to Victory Day

part 5


Diary of August 1 2006: Threat to Hit Tel Aviv

On the evening of August 1 2006 the Secretary General of Hizbullah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah spoke about the course of the Zionist aggression on Lebanon, and its confrontation by the Islamic Resistance.

He noted in his speech the lies and claims by the enemy, reaffirming the destruction of the Zionist battleship "Saar-4.5" just off Tyre city shores. He concluded his speech by directing a decisive threat to the enemy entity that said if the capital Beirut is bombed, the Islamic Resistance will strike Tel Aviv, the capital of the usurper entity.

This serious warning curbed the Zionist enemy from going too far in its war on Lebanon, where enemy leaders had been threatening to bomb the capital Beirut, its buildings and public administrative institutions, and refrained from launching such threats after the Secretary-General's threat to hit Tel Aviv.


Diary of July 31 2006: Destruction of the Battleship “Sa’ar-4.5”‌

On July 31 2006 in an event the second of its kind, the Islamic Resistance was able to destroy a Zionist "Saar-4.5" type battleship off the coast of Tyre. Other warships were rushed to the scene of the hit battleship in an attempt to rescue the remainder of the 53 Zionist officers and soldiers on board the destroyed battleship.

Zionist enemy Sources denied the battleship was hit, but the Secretary General of Hizbullah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah confirmed its destruction and pointed out that the same resources that identified the battleship's location for the resistance, confirmed its destruction.

Some internet websites published pictures of the battleship being hit and destroyed.


Diary of July 30 2006: Land Skirmishes

On July 30 2006 ground skirmishes with the Zionist enemy expanded on more than one front and flashpoint.

The Mujahideen intercepted groups of the Golani Brigade as they infiltrated the Taybeh Project, inflicting them with a high number of casualties, between dead and injured. Several soldiers escaped the clash and hid in a nearby house, which the Mujahideen destroyed over their heads.

Meanwhile in Kfar Kila, the Mujahideen destroyed a Merkava tank and a Hummer vehicle, killing and wounding their crews, in the process the Islamic Resistance proved its readiness to counter any land advance attempts on various fronts.


Diary of July 29 2006: Zionist Massacres against Civilians

Since the beginning of its aggression on Lebanon on July 12 2006 of, the Zionist enemy carried out a number of horrific massacres against our civilians killing a large number of children, women, elderly and invalid. "Israel" carried out its massacres in various regions of Lebanon from South Lebanon to Bekaa Valley through to the north.

The most horrific of these massacres:

* Ansaar massacre which led to the martyrdom of 8 citizens.

* Ghassaniyyeh massacre, led to the martyrdom of 7 citizens.

*‌ Mashgharah massacre, 6 citizens martyred.

* Ghaziyeh massacre, 10 citizens were martyred.

*‌ Taybeh Massacre, 7 martyred citizens.

*‌ Shiyah massacre, about 50 citizens were martyred.

*‌ New Qana massacre, led to the martyrdom of about 40 people.



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