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Diary of the 2006 Zionist Aggression on Lebanon

Thirty Three Days of Steadfastness and Resistance All the Way to Victory Day

part 4


Diary of August 4 2006: Al Qa’a Massacre - the Resistance’s Missiles Reach Al Khudayara

A new massacre is added to "Israel's" black history. Fighter jets bombed the agricultural zone of "Qa'a Al Rim" town in Al Bekaa targeting a site used for packing vegetables and fruits within an agricultural project. As a result of this attack, 34 Syrian workers were martyred and 3 others were wounded. Missiles took them by surprise as they gathered for their lunch break. In the Taybeh town the fighter jets raided a house that was housing 17 individuals from families who couldn't move out of town due to an "Israeli" siege of aerial and field artillery. 9 were martyred, the rest were injured.

The forces of occupation continued their "Bridges" massacres blowing up the remaining bridges in the north especially the ones leading to Beirut. The fighter jets bombed the Ghazir Maameltain Bridge on the Kiserwan coast, then the casino Liban Bridge-the Adma cross road, Fidar Bridge in Halaat Jbeil, and Madfoun Bridge in Batroun. This assault led to the martyrdom of four citizens and six others were injured.

The occupation continued targeting educational facilities bombing a warehouse belonging to the Imam Al Sadr Cultural Compound in Raml Al Aali. The warehouse contained clothing and gear donated for the orphans. The Center of Imam Hadi (AS) for audio and visual disabilities was also bombed. They also bombed the Cultural Compound of the "Master of Custodians" over and over again. In the south the raids continued to target the "Imdad Association Center" (Social support association) in Nabatiyeh and Al Mustafa high school building as well as the public tech school and the public high school building in J'beaa.

The Islamic resistance widened its line of fire with its missiles reaching 75km inside the occupied Palestinian territory targeting the city of Khudayara with three "Khyber one"-type missiles keeping in mind that it is only 25 km away from Tel Aviv. The resistance also shelled the central station of the "Israeli" aerial base in the occupation settlement of Ramat David, and the headquarters of the armored vehicles "Yoentan" and "Yoav" base which includes the artillery Command of the Golan.

The Mujahedin confronted the attempted "Israeli" intervention on many frontlines: Taybeh Project, Markaba, Ayta Al Shaab, Shihin, and Jib-Jinnin. The combatants destroyed 7 Merkava tanks.

The enemy admitted to the death of an officer, two recruits, and the wounding of four in confrontations near the town of Markaba. The fighters also warded off an "Israeli" unit moving from the settlement of Avivim towards the town of Maroon Al Raas destroying a tank in this confrontation. The U.S. Secretary of State was disturbed by the criticism of the general of the United Nations Kofi Annan which was aired after "Israel" bombed a United Nations facility in the town of Khiyaam.

The British "New Statesman" magazine unveiled the fact that the British Prime Minister announced that Britain is an accessory to the "murder", adding that "'Israel' told the American president George Bush beforehand of its plans to bomb the southern villages in Lebanon." America then informed Britain about this issue.

Diary of August 3 2006: A Failed Airdrop in Baalbek’s Vicinity

A Golani Brigade Force carried out an airdrop in the vicinity of Baalbek city. The Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance confronted the force inflicting their ranks with a number of casualties.

The enemy claimed to have captured three members of the Islamic Resistance, revealing it was attempting to score battle field points. Its attempts were in vain as those arrested were all civilians who did not belong to the Resistance. The enemy was forced to release them a few days later.


Diary of August 2 2006: Battlefield Confrontation in Ayta Al Shaab

On August 2 2006 the Islamic Resistance foiled several ground offensives by the Zionist enemy in Ayta Al Shaab, giving the enemy the bitter taste of defeat. The Zionists failed to infiltrate the town through three flashpoints: Al Raheb, Shwait-Ayta Forest and Hadab Ayta.

Advancing elite Zionist soldiers fell in an ambush set up by the Islamic Resistance men. Enemy infiltrators incurred 20 casualties dead and wounded, a tank and a bulldozer were destroyed.

In the afternoon a Zionist force advanced towards the town's school and fell in a tight ambush by the Islamic Resistance. 15 casualties were counted among the advancing force. In the enemy's attempt to extract their dead and wounded, the Mujahideen targeted them with rockets inflicting their ranks with more casualties.



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