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Diary of the 2006 Zionist Aggression on Lebanon

Thirty Three Days of Steadfastness and Resistance All the Way to Victory Day

part 3


Diary of August 8 2006: Ghazieh Massacre

The occupation forces committed a new massacre in Ghaziyeh town. "Israeli" jet fighters suddenly attacked citizens paying their respects in the funeral for 15 martyrs who fell in the town the day before. Four raids led to the martyrdom of another 14 individuals. Fliers thrown by "Israeli" warplanes above the Tyre area warned that the "Israeli" army will target any car moving along the roads south of the Litany because they will be seen as suspects transferring weapons and missiles.

The fliers said: "Any one driving these cars will be endangering his own life."

The men of God went though violent confrontations with additional forces sent by the enemy along the battle fronts from Naqoura to Bent Jbeil. The enemy admitted to the death of 5 of its soldiers, the destruction of 4 tanks, and a bulldozer at the hill of Al Fraiz at the eastern sides of the town Ayneta.

The Mujahidin attacked Jabal Al Alam post near Naqoura. Other fierce battles also took place; some were at close range where individual weapons and anti-tank ballistics were used in the town of Ayneta which soon became a graveyard for enemy soldiers and their tanks.

A unit from the Golani brigade tried to reach the Al Tiri reservoir. They were confronted by the resistance men who forced the unit to retreat back to Massoud hill between Ayneta, Al Tiri, and Bent Jbeil.

"Israeli" minister of foreign affairs Tsipi Livni stated that "Siniora uses his weakness when he demands a change in the Security Council decision in a way that fortifies his strength. I've seen his crying. To him I say: ‘wipe your tears and start working on creating a better future.'"

The Arab Union of Journalists ratified in an urgent meeting of the general secretariat a political paper that included the condemnation of "Israeli" for deliberately trespassing international codes of conduct, disregarding the bill of human rights, and the Geneva agreements.


Diary of August 7 2006: Shelling the Zionist Occupation Settlements

Since the beginning of the Zionist aggression on Lebanon, the Islamic Resistance pelted the Zionist occupation settlements with bursts of missiles of various types, bombing dozens of Zionist settlements and towns, which led to an unprecedented relocation movement within the Zionist entity, with more than 2,000,000 Zionist occupation settlers relocated further inland due to the bombardment, where they remained in shelters throughout the conflict, getting a taste of the war and its cruelty to them.


Diary of August 6 2006: Bombing a Gathering of Reservists

On August 6 2006, in an extremely harsh blow to the Zionist entity, the Islamic Resistance bombarded the occupation settlement of Kfar Gilead, hitting a gathering of enemy soldiers killing a dozen soldiers and wounding some twenty others, a number of them seriously wounded. Enemy army announced the killed and wounded soldiers to belong to the reservist artillery unit.

This devastating blow confused the Zionist enemy, revealing its frailty before the precision of the resistance and its rocket ability to hit its targets.


Diary of August 5 2006: The Failed Shabriha Airdrop

On August 5 2006 a Zionist commando unit carried out an airdrop in Shabriha area in Tyre city. The goal was to kidnap one of the cadres of the Islamic Resistance, but the Zionist "Shayteet" unit, which had previously fallen in the Ansariyeh trap, fell this time again in an ambush by the Islamic Resistance preventing it from achieving its objective, despite enemy attempts to obscure the airdrop location. One enemy officer was killed in this operation and 9 soldiers wounded. Enemy Bases under Fire.

It was the 25th day of the "Israeli" assault and the gravest since the beginning of the war on Lebanon. 500 raids were recorded, 400 of which targeted the south. More than 5000 shells were launched from land and sea. Raids by jet fighters' persisted in the southern suburb focusing on Martyr Hadi Nasrallah Road, many building were leveled to the ground, including "Al Nour" radio station building in Haret Hreik, and the Azariyeh building in Hay Madi area.

4 martyrs and 9 wounded citizens were the result of this raid.

The Islamic resistance retaliated by bombing more than 25 occupation settlements with tens of rockets. Akka and Haifa cities were targeted by "Raad-2" type missiles. The resistance also shelled the Galilee platoon command headquarters in "Bernit" barracks and the military bases of "Hamoul" and "Ilbon".

On the ground, resistance fighters ambushed the enemy soldiers in Ayta Al Shaab forcing them to retreat after inflicting them with severe losses.

The Mujahedin also another launched a broad scale attack against enemy forces in the battle front of Taybeh Project and Aytaroun.

Enemy sources announced the death of a soldier and 21 were wounded.

In Tyre, the resistance crushed an attempted military landing carried out by a naval commando unit "Shay it-13". The fighters fought alongside the Lebanese army preventing the soldiers who tried to sneak in through the orchards of the town Shabrikha, and inflicted a number of casualties within the enemy lines forcing jet fighters and helicopters to intervene and bomb the area surrounding the confrontation zone to evacuate their casualties.

The enemy announced 10 casualties ranging from death to being wounded. The Lebanese army announced the martyrdom of one of his soldiers, and the wounding of four Lebanese civilians. The Saudi Sheik "Safar Al Hawali" issued a fatwa (legal opinion) that categorized Hizbullah as the "Devil's Party" and asked his followers "to not pray for Hizbullah".

Saudi Sheikh Abdullah Bin Jibrin two weeks earlier had released that "the party of the rejects should not be supported".

Former Egyptian Minister of Defense Amin Huwaydi considered "The continuation of the Lebanese resistance steadfastness against the "Israeli" army is itself a victory for the resistance". He also said: "'Israel' has fallen deeper within the Lebanese swamp just the same as the USA has done in the Afghani and Iraqi swamps."

A convention for the support of Lebanon and Palestine was held in the city of Nazareth in occupied Palestine to confirm that "Any casualties falling due to Hizbullah bombing in the 1948 zones are considered killed by 'Israel' and not the Lebanese resistance."

Mary Hollice, the research manager in the Royal Academy for International Affairs in London Rose said: "the 'Israelis' were surprised by the strength and nature of Hizbullah, this lead to the 'Israelis' lowering their ambitions. They now hope to make any success before the ceasefire they want inevitably sets in." She also believes that "To achieve permanent peace, Hizbullah's demands must be taken into consideration."



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