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Diary of the 2006 Zionist Aggression on Lebanon

Thirty Three Days of Steadfastness and Resistance All the Way to Victory Day

part 1


Diary of August 20 2006: Boudaii Airdrop

On August 20 2006, nearly a week after the cessation of hostilities, in an attempt to make up for their failures in the July war, the Zionists tried to make a security gain by airdropping a commando force in Boudaii region, west of Baalbek.

This too was overcome by the Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance, who killed one officer and wounded 3 soldiers of the infiltrators, forcing them into withdraw with their tails between their legs.


Diary of August 14 2006: The Cessation of Hostilities

On August 14, 2006, after the Zionist enemy failed to achieve any of the objectives of its aggression on Lebanon, it announced its agreement to cease hostilities, at 8:00 a.m. of Monday 14-8-2006, the time already communicated with the Secretary-General of the United Nations as the agreed time to cease hostilities.

No sooner had the clock struck 8:00 a.m. and the displaced people of the southern Dahiyeh suburb hurried in their return to their homes. The people of the south also began their immediate return to their villages in a move aimed at challenging the enemy that was betting on their non-return to their villages, thus the Zionist entity and those gambling on its aggression were defeated, along with their ally the United States, by the men of God-the heroes of the Islamic Resistance.


Diary of August 13 2006: Confrontations on the Last Day of the Aggression

On August 13, 2006, the day before cessation of hostilities, Zionist enemy attempts to achieve gains on the ground failed because of the vigilant Islamic Resistance fighters who thwarted several attempts at Ayta Al Shaab front, inflicting the enemy with heavy losses in vehicles and soldiers. 20 Zionist soldiers hid inside a house which the resistance spotted and bombed, leaving 15 of them wounded.

At the Taybeh - Kantara front, the Mujahideen destroyed 9 Merkava tanks and 3 bulldozers. At Khiyam front 2 Merkava tanks were destroyed also, in addition to attacking enemy positions and soldiers in Aytaroun, Chihine and Bayada.

The day was sealed with downing a reconnaissance aircraft over Ibba town with a surface to air missile.


Destruction of Imam Hassan (AS) Compound

On midday today, aiming to increase the severity of the destruction left behind by its barbaric aggression, the enemy took advantage of the last day of hostilities and used its fighter jets and battleships at sea to bomb a residential compound consisting of eight buildings, comprising 241 apartments and about 70 shops. Nearly 30 martyrs fell in the attack; the compound was leveled to the ground.

Diary of August 12 2006: Mow Down of Soldiers & Tanks, Downing a “Chinook”‌ Helicopter

On August 12, 2006, the Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance turned the south into an open cemetery to enemy soldiers and officers. On this day they killed more than 20 Zionist soldiers and officers, and wounded more than 120 others, including 20 in critical condition.

From the early hours till midnight of this blessed day, the Mujahideen were also able to destroy 39 Merkava tanks, a Zionist bulldozer, and a "Chinook" type helicopter that was shot down on the western fringes of Yatar town. According to enemy confessions only a crew of 5 members were killed onboard the helicopter.

Diary of August 11 2006: Destruction of the Boat “Super D’Ivora”‌

On August 11 2006, the Islamic Resistance directed a quality blow to the enemy, when its combatants destroyed a Zionist navy gunboat type "Super D'Ivora", off the Mansouri coast, south of Tyre. A direct hit destroyed and sinking the boat with flames flaring from it, its entire crew of 12 members were either killed or wounded. The remaining naval pieces worked on extricating its casualties from the sea.


Source: moqawama.org

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