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The Surprising health benefits of raisins (part 2)


Bone Health

Calcium, the main constituent of bones is present in raisins which thereby strengthens the bones. Raisins also are good sources of boron which is a micro nutrient necessary for proper bone formation and absorption of calcium. Boron is also helpful in preventing osteoporosis and is also beneficial for the joints.


 Acidosis is a state of increased acidity of the blood (also known as toxicity of the blood) or of the gases in our respiratory system, the source of acids for both being our stomach. This is very harmful for the body as it may give rise to a number of problems like boils, skin diseases and damage to the internal organs, arthritis, gout, renal calculi, hair loss, heart diseases, tumors and even cancer. Raisins are good source of potassium and magnesium (two of the most popular constituents of antacids, being basic in nature) both of which are very effective in reducing acidity. They neutralize the acids and thus help check acidosis.


The high fiber in raisins are very beneficial and help your system function smoothly because they promote regular bowel movement. A cup of raisins contains about 10 g of dietary fiber. Granted, dietary fiber is not nutritious but it is important to help keep our bodies free from harmful toxic substances by cleansing the bowels. Regular bowel movement is very important for healthy living and also prevents various health problems from acne to colon cancer.

Dental Health

Contrary to the saying that raisins give you cavities, the chewy texture and rich fiber in raisins actually helps cleanse your teeth and promote strong gums. Oleanolic acid, an active phytochemical in raisins helps destroy and suppress growth of streptococcus mutans, a type of bacteria responsible for causing tooth decays.


When it comes to anemia, the best foods to eat up on are those rich in iron namely, rich red meats and dark leafy vegetables. But did you know that raisins may actually contain more iron than some of the iron rich vegetables? A half cup of iron contains 2 mg of iron and this is more than 5% of the recommended dietary allowance in both men and women. Additionally, raisins contain powerful anti-oxidants that help detoxify blood and exterminate harmful toxins that are responsible for many health ailments.


Phenolic Phytonutrients, well known for their germicidal, anti biotic and anti oxidant properties, are present in abundance in raisins and help cure fever by fighting viral and bacterial infections.


Various research conducted on raisins have noted that raisins may save you from going blind in old age. The powerful anti-oxidants found in raisins may help prevent macular degeneration in old age. The macular is gradually worn out throughout life by constantly being exposed to oxygen free radicals present in the air. It slowly weakens and eventually fails to function normally. Studies have shown how raisins can reverse the negative effects that free radicals on the macular.

The polyphenols contained in raisins are very powerful in defeating oxygen stealing free radicals and thereby protect your eyes from disease.

Other Benefits

Catechin, a phenolic anti oxidant present in raisins, is very effective for prevention of tumor and cancer of colon. The fibers in it help excretion of bile from the body, burning of cholesterol and thereby ensuring good cardiac health.





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