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The Surprising Health Benefits of Raisins (part 1)


Raisins can be defined as grapes that have been dried and have a sweet taste, with a wrinkly texture. Often known as nature's candy, they are counted amongst the most nutritious dried fruits in the whole world. Raisins are cholesterol-free, low in sodium, high in fiber and totally fat-free. Apart from that, they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, making their nutritional value very high. Raisins are the best source of quick energy, as they contain 70 percent pure fructose, which gets digested by the body easily and gives instant energy. There are a number of other health and nutrition benefits of eating raisins, some of which have been listed in the following lines.

 Nutritional Value of Raisins

Given below is the amount of nutrients in 100 gm of raisins:

Total Carbohydrates - 79 gm

Dietary Fiber - 4 gm

Sugars - 59 gm

Protein - 3 gm

Vitamin C - 2.3 mg

Vitamin E - 0.12 mg

Vitamin K - 3.5 mcg

Thiamin - 0.106 mg

Riboflavin - 0.125 mg

Niacin - 0.766 mg

Vitamin B6 - 0.174 mg

Folate - 5 mcg

Calcium - 50 mg

Iron - 1.88 mg

Magnesium - 32 mg

Phosphorus - 101 mg

Potassium - 749 mg

Sodium - 11 mg

Zinc - 0.22 mg

Copper - 0.318 mg

Manganese - 0.299 mg

Selenium - 0.6 mcg


Health Benefits Of Raisins

Raisins as a Snack

Being high in fiber and having considerably low calories, raisins are a better snack than most. They are also a great source of energy as they are packed with natural sugars and glucose. It's better to consume moderate amounts of raisins to avoid extra calories but if you're an active or athletic person, this needn't be much of a worry. Adding raisins to your diet may offer more benefits than you may think.


Did you know that raisins are completely cholesterol-free? In fact, raisins are known to have anti-cholesterol compounds that help combat the bad cholesterol in the body. A cup of raisins is said to contain about 4g of soluble fiber. It is this soluble fiber that fights the bad cholesterol and disposes of it in the liver to be eliminated. Raisins also contain anti-oxidants known as polyphenols that suppress the enzymes responsible for absorbing cholesterol into the body. In so doing, raisins help lower total cholesterol levels in the body.

Brain Food

One of the interesting health benefits of raisins is that it is a great brain food. Raisins contain high amounts of boron that is an essential mineral for a well-functioning brain. 100mg of raisins contains 2.2mg of boron, which is a potent brain-boosting mineral. Boron improves concentration, hand-eye co-ordination and enhances memory. Additionally, boron also helps promote the functioning of important minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Reducing Blood Pressure

Raisins not only help purify blood and eliminate toxins but they also help reduce high levels of blood pressure. There is a significant amount of Potassium, a potent mineral said to be able to help lower blood pressure, in raisins. Potassium also helps keep in check the sodium levels in our body. Too much sodium in the body is one of the root causes of high blood pressure.





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