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  • 7/15/2012

Islamic republic of Iran, spiritual support for all Muslims

ali akbar velayati

Secretary-general of the world assembly of Islamic awakening said Islamic Republic of Iran is the support for all world Muslims and they have pinned their hope in Iranian nation.

 According to IRNA, Ali Akbar Velayati, who is also the leader’s advisor for international affairs, added in Shiraz city that the Islamic awakening is indeed a return to the Islamic identity, revival of the Islamic values and going back to the Islamic dignity of Muslims.

Explicating that today the Islamic awakening is a wide-spread wave prevailing all Arab countries Velayati said, “Any country in which the Islamic awakening has taken place and people have triumphed, the country has turned to Islam and compromise with the Zionist regime and the US has no meaning for them.”‌

Reviewing the revolutions in Arab countries, secretary-general of the world assembly for Islamic awakening said, “Islam is the source of every awakening; and the countries such as Egypt have experienced existing ideologies without any avail, and no they have come to the conclusion that the only salvaging path is Islam and obeying its dynamic decrees.”‌

Ali Akbar Velayati made it clear that the Iranian nation, which stood against the military of the tyrannical regime with empty hands and the slogan of Allah-u-Akbar during the days of the Islamic revolution, has turned into a global role model and people of the Islamic countries get together and chant slogans. They pursue their goal without resorting to arms and gain victory.

Leader’s advisor for international affairs stressed that the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen demand freedom within the framework of Islamic values and this is the very meaning of religious popular rule.    

Source: irib.ir

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