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Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National Thoughts of Imam Khomeini

Infra-National Vision toward the Muslims and Oppressed People of the World against Arrogant Powers


Expansion of the movement of the oppressed ones against arrogant powers This movement, the uprising of the oppressed against the arrogant, must spread to all parts of the world. Iran should become the source and focal point and a model for all the oppressed nations. The oppressed nations should see how Iran, with bare hands and with the power of faith combined with unity of expression and recourse to Islam, resisted the great powers, and defeated them. The rest of the people of the nations should follow suit with regard to this Islamic secret; to this religious secret. Muslims must arise in all parts of the world; rather the oppressed should rise to their feet. The divine promise that pertains to the weak commands that, “We have granted the weak the favor to become the inheritors of the earth.”1 Leadership is the right of the weak; inheritance belongs to the weak; the oppressors are the usurpers and must leave the field. We drove away the arrogant from the arena in Iran and the oppressed sat in their place.

May 14, 1979 [Ordibehesht 24, 1358 AHS / Jamdi ath-Thani 17, 1399 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol. 7, p. 292



Creation of the “party of the downtrodden and oppressed ones”

And a few days ago I put forth a recommendation which, if they put it into action, will God willing cause the emergence of relations, that is the creation of the “Party of the Downtrodden”—of all the downtrodden of the world, whether Muslims or non-Muslims. The non-Muslim governments do oppress people; the nations are not like so. For example, the American nation, French nation—they do not want to oppress. Those that commit oppression and do wrong are the governments. Their oppressed people, too, are under the grip of the arrogant powers. If there were found a party in the world, a global party, the party of the downtrodden, which is the very Party of Allah, then this problem will be solved. By solving these two problems, all problems of the Muslims will be solved. No power could confront these powers.

August 24, 1979 [Shahrivar 2, 1358 AHS / Shawwal 1, 1399 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol. 9, p. 321



Struggle between disbelief and the Islam

The struggle between us and the United States is not in fact the conflict between us and America but struggle between Islam and disbelief. If they defeated us, which is very improbable, they would have defeat Islam and the Muslims. All Muslims should realize this is not the merely our destiny which is at stake and facing a risk of annihilation or survival. The destiny of Islam is the destiny of all the Muslims. All Muslims should contribute to this issue. If God forbidding this movement slows down or gets ruined, it could be lead to the annihilation of the entire East and particularly the Islam’s fate is the fate of all Muslims. All Muslims should care about their fate. If our movement showed any signs of deterioration, the entire east, especially Muslims, would suffer. I urge all the Muslims, all Islamic armies, all Islamic armed forces, all the presidents of the Muslim countries to cooperate to go together with our movement and cooperate with us in the struggle between Islam and disbelief, not only between Iran and America. This is the struggle between entire disbelief and the whole of Islam.

November 30, 1979 [Azar 1, 1358 AHS / Muharram 2, 1400 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol.11, p. 105


"Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National-Thoughts of Imam Khomeini" Book 

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