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Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National Thoughts of Imam Khomeini

Solution to the Muslims’ troubles during international congregation of Hajj


Obviously, if this enormous international congregation in which oppressed Islamic nations from any religions, languages, colors and customs get together in a uniform garb remote from any pollution and adornment the fundamental concerns of Islam and Muslims oppressed people of the world from any school are not settled and arrogant and bullying governments are not checked, small regional and local gatherings cannot do anything and we cannot get an all-out solution.

August 26, 1984 [Shahrivar 4, 1363 AHS / Dhu’l-Qa’dah 28, 1404 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol. 19, p. 24




Finding the ways to unity during the great congregation of Hajj

Considering that h?ajj rituals is one of the greatest politicoreligious ceremonies of Islam and that the enormous hajj congregation is one of the greatest congregations in the world of Islam, you are required to bring together the esteemed pilgrims of the world and exchange views with them on the interests of Islam and problems of Muslims and adopt the necessary decisions for removal of the problems and exploring the ways for attainment of the sacred ideals of Islam.

Survey the ways for unity among different Islamic schools and work out solutions to the differences introduced by the inveterate enemies of Islam among the ranks of Muslims and highlight common political affairs among all Islamic denominations.

As we all know, in recent centuries, the incendiary of this dangerous dispute is the world-devouring superpowers of the East and the West, being afraid of the unity of over one billion Muslims, fomenting the differences with all forces directly or through their devious agents so as to dominate the fate of world Muslims and to govern them, plundering their endless treasures.

July 19, 1985 [Tir 28, 1364 AHS / Shawwal 30, 1405 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol. 19, p. 421




International politics of Islam

Our cry of disavowal is the cry of a people for which all the forces of apostasy and arrogance lie in ambush. Their bows and arrows have been aimed toward the Qur’an and the Prophet’s progeny. Yet, it is impossible that the people of Muhammad (PBUH)—those who have drunk from the life-giving spring of ‘Ashura’ and await the ultimate inheritance of the earth by the righteous—should submit to a humiliating death in the slavery of the East or the West. It is out of question that Khomein? should ever remain silent before the assaults of the devilish polytheists and the infidels who violate the sanctity of the Holy Qur’an, that of the Prophet’s progeny the people of the Prophet (PBUH) and the followers of Abraham, the Hanif (‘a) and stay a passive observer of the scenes of humiliation and contempt of Muslims…Yes, our slogan “Neither the East nor the West”—the principal motto of this Islamic Revolution, staged in the midst of the world of the hungry and the oppressed—outlines the policy of true non-alignment, a policy that would be espoused by all Muslim countries and those countries which in near future, with divine help, will accept Islam as the sole ideology capable of delivering humanity. We will not recede a single step from this policy… To be certain, turning away from this International Islamic policy amounts to the rejection of the ideals of Islam and betrayal of the Prophet (PBUH) and the Imams (‘a). It would ultimately lead to the destruction of our nation and country and all other Muslim countries. Let no one imagine that this slogan is of a passing nature. No! It is an everlasting and enduring political criterion for our people, for the Islamic Republic, and for all the world’s Muslims. This, because the first condition of reaching the path of divine blessing is dissociation and disaffection with respect to the path of the deviate. It is a principle which needs to be implemented in all Muslim societies and at all levels.

July 28, 1987 [Mordad 6, 1366 AHS / Dhu’l-Hijjah 1, 1407 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol. 20, p. 318


 "Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National-Thoughts of Imam Khomeini" Book 

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