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Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National Thoughts of Imam Khomeini

Nationalism a barrier toward establishing Muslim Ummah


The plans of the big powers are to bring the Muslims under their sway, and to seize their resources and plunder their assets. They have been pursuing their plans for many long years, and one of their prime plans concerns the issue of nationalism. Islam has come to unite all the nations—‘Arabs and ‘Ajam, Turk and F?rs—and establish one big community, called the “Islamic ummah,” in the world so that those who want to dominate the Islamic countries and the Islamic centers will not be able to do so because of the vast multitudes of the various classes of Muslims. The design of the big powers and those connected to them in the Islamic countries, is to divide the strata of the Muslims among whom the Blessed and Exalted God has created brotherhood, and has called them brothers,1 and to name them Turks, Kurds, ‘Arabs and Persians. In fact, they want to make them enemies of one another. This is absolutely contrary to the path of Islam and the Holy Qur’an. All the Muslims are brothers; all of them are equal. All of them should remain under the banner of Islam and the banner of monotheism, the ones that sow discord among the Muslims in the name of nationalism, factionalism and nationality belong to Satan’s army. They are the accomplices of the big powers. They are against the Holy Qur’an.

January 7, 1980 [Dey 5, 1359 AHS / Safar 18, 1401 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol.13 p.443



A nation with one billion people

The people of Iran and Iraq are not two different nations. They are not even separate from the rest of the Muslims. The Muslims all constitute one nation comprising a population of one billion and having countless natural resources but, unfortunately, these one billion people are under the suppression of the satanic big powers because of the deviation of most of the Islamic governments. And all these vast resources of the Muslim countries are being swallowed up by the big powers. The nations should rise up and liberate themselves from the clutches of their (corrupt) governments as well as the big powers.

April 9, 1981 [Farvardin 20, 1360 AHS / Jamadi ath-Thani 4, 1401 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol. 14, p. 277




Victory of the oppressed over the arrogant powers by unity and combat

Muslims, especially the ‘Arab brothers should know that what is at issue is not Israel and Iran. The Eastern and Western world-devourers are primarily concerned about Islam which can bring Muslims together under the honorable banner of Islam and which can cut off the hands of the criminals from Islamic countries and from the domination over the oppressed  countries, and present the divine progressive school of Islam to the world. The ‘Arab world should know that the blow dealt to them by Saddam and Sadat is so horrible that only can be redressed through their unity… Oh, Muslims and oppressed people of the world under the hegemony of oppressors, rise up and shake the hands of unity and defend Islam and your destiny. Do not fear the hue and cry of the powerful countries, for this century, by the will of God, marks the century of victory of the oppressed over the arrogant powers and right over wrong.

September 6, 1981 [Shahrivar 15, 1360 AHS / Dhu’l-Qa’dah 7, 1401 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol.15 p.171

Source: "Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National-Thoughts of Imam Khomeini" Book 

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