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Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National Thoughts of Imam Khomeini

Islam has addressed all Humanity


Q: It is said that the Islamic revolution will be exported across the borders. But some of the Islamic regimes do not agree with the Islamic revolution and are opposed to it. However, the world of Islam in general has approved of this revolution. Don’t you think of this as a sign for the creation of a strong Muslim nation in the world? A: We hope so. Islam is not exclusive to one country, or some countries, one tribe, or Muslims. Islam has come for humanity. Islam addresses others as “Ya Ayyuhannas” [“O People”], sometimes as “Ya Ayyuhal-Mu’minin” [“O Believers”]. Islam tries to bring everybody under its umbrella of justice. The governments, unfortunately, do not pay heed to this fact that their affairs would be better taken care of if they gathered under the banner of Islam. December 17, 1979 [Azar 26, 1358 AHS / Muharram 27, 1400 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol.11, p. 294




Inclinations of the nations toward the Islamic and justice government

Now all Islamic and non-Islamic nations are watching us closely and their hearts remain with us. The reason is that both Egyptians and Iranians love Islam. We want an Islamic government, so do they. We wish for an Islamic order; so do the Iraqi, and Turkish nations. Any Muslim nation in the world is looking for such a government of justice.

December 17, 1979 [Azar 28, 1358 AHS / Muharram 27, 1400 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol.11, p.325



Brotherhood among all Muslim nations according to Islam

I hope that the other Islamic nations do not think that we are living in one corner (of the world) and they in another. The Qur’an looks upon you as brothers, and has forged the links of brotherhood among you. The one who is a Muslim, a believer living in the farthest spot of the world is not different from the one living in the nearest spot although the distance between East and West separates them. They are brothers and should have fraternal ties in accordance with the Qur’anic precept. They should not disperse nor be driven apart. They should consider their interests to be those of Islam and of all the (Muslim) nations. Every nation should consider the interests of another as its own. The believers, wherever they be, ought to be brothers to one another and behave in a brotherly way. They should consider any aggression by an oppressor against an Islamic country, as aggression against themselves. I hope that by observing this Islamic precept—that all people, all Muslims, are brothers—this country secures its interests, and all the Islamic countries prevail over the superpowers, and succeed in practicing Islamic precepts to the very end.

August 18, 1980 [Mordad 27, 1359 AHS / Shawwal 7, 1400 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol.13, p.136




Islam wants the whole world to be one family and a government to be established to rule by justice

You know that the problems of Lebanon and Iran are not different problems. The Muslims, wherever they are, ought to be united. The pains and problems of one group should also be those of another group. Their problems should not be separate. The fact that we are Iranians and they are Lebanese, living elsewhere, is not at issue in Islam. It considers all those who believe in God to be brothers. It does not view them as separate entities. Islam does not make distinctions between the people of Arab countries, non-Arab ones, Iran and elsewhere. Such considerations concern materialistic-minded people who say that we are Iranians and ought to do this and that for Iran, and those who are Iraqis say that they are Iraqis and such things. There are no such considerations in Islam. Islam wants the whole world to be one family. It wants a single government to be established for the entire world; a government of justice. It wants all the people to be like one family.

August 28, 1980 [Shahrivar 6, 1359 AHS / Shawwal 17, 1400 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol.13, p.167


I am sounding a warning

What has happened to the Muslims that they have become silent spectators of the events concerning Islam and the honor of the Muslims? … What is this lethal silence among the Muslims? Do you think that it is a matter relevant to Iraq and Iran and to Saaddam and the country of Iran? This is not the case. The issue is Islam; not just a country. The matter concerns all the Muslim countries. It is a question of the oppressed of the world. What they want is the disunity of the Muslims; they want to rule over them…This is a danger the Muslims are facing. I am sounding a warning about the danger threatening the Muslims and Islam considering the position taken by the governments. They are sitting by and have made you fall out with one another. They incite the governments to war while deriving benefits for themselves. Why don’t you study Islam and the fate of Muslims? How long should we be under foreign domination? And how long should our countries be subjected to their assaults? Why do the Muslims not wake up their slumber? The main difficulty is the Islamic governments. The governments must wake up from their sleep. If the governments wake up, the difficulties of the Muslims will be removed. They must have rapport, but there are hands at work that do not let them. They have a mission and therefore, they do not allow this to take place. I pray to God the Blessed and Exalted to awaken all the Muslims and bring them under the Islamic banner and that all of them assemble together, carefully study Islamic issues and solve these among themselves.

November 7, 1980 [Aban 16, 1359 AHS / Dhu’l-Hijjah 28, 1400 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol.13, p. 342


"Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National-Thoughts of Imam Khomeini" Book 

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