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Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National Thoughts of Imam Khomeini

Unity of expression among Muslims as a barrier to the dominance of the foreigners


If Muslims had unity of expression, it would have been impossible for the foreigners to dominate them. This schism between Muslims has made the foreigners dominate us. This discord between Muslims first found existence by the hands of the ignorant people, and up to now, we are still entangled in it. It is incumbent upon Muslims to be united.

February 6, 1979 [Bahman 17, 1357 AHS / Rabi' al-Awwal 9, 1399 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol. 6, p. 83




One billion Muslims, but one billion divided Muslims

All Islamic nations must be united. If Islamic nations had not been disunited, I do not know whether we have an Islamic government or not. Perhaps you know that we do not have; but is hoped that we will have one. Had the Muslims been united, they would not live in abjectness; the hands of foreigners and their agents could not manipulate them. There are approximately one billion Muslims, but one billion divided Muslims. If a government were the same as the one in the early days of Islam, with every follower supporting it, we would not have sat idly (for years). The foreign powers took great efforts in order to turn the tables in their favor and splintered the entire Muslim nation.

March 7, 1979 [Esfand 16, 1357 AHS / Rabi’ ath-Thani 8, 1399 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol. 6, p. 339



The peace made by Israel and Sadat a treachery to the Muslim world

For over 15 years, I have mentioned the danger of Israel’s usurping government and have declared this fact to the Arab governments and nations: … Iran considers itself attuned with its Arab brothers in Arabic countries, and regards itself a partner to their decisions. Iran regards the peace made by Israel and Sadat a treachery to Islam and Muslims and the Arab brothers and supports the political stances taken by countries in opposing this Accord.

1 March 25, 1979 [Farvardin 5, 1358 AHS / Rabi’ ath-Thani 26, 1399 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol. 6




Independence of the Muslim world as fundamental outcome of the unity

We Muslims must surge Islam ahead with the power of Islam. We must fight with the forces of infidelity using Islamic power, and must severe the hands of the criminals from our respective countries. If there was Islamic unity of expression, and if the governments and nations of Islam were joined handin- hand with each other, it would have been absurd for approximately one billion Muslims to be subjugated by the big powers. If this power—the divine power—is augmented with the power of faith, and if all march together in goodwill, in the path of Islam, then no power will be able to dominate them.

April 20, 1979 [Farvardin 31, 1358 AHS / Jam?d? al-Awwal 22, 1399 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol.7, p. 66




Maintenance of Justice as common objective of all the Muslims

Of course, all Muslims had a share in this movement, this movement was for an Islamic objective, and not only for Iran; however, the starting point is from Iran and Muslims share in this objective. And the movement is for the establishment of justice, that I must say all mankind have a shared interest in it. And because it is for the establishment of justice, all Muslims participate in it. Therefore, it is necessary that all Muslims together, with one voice participate in this great Islamic movement and God willing, that objective which was realized in Iran—which is the reality of self-sacrifice for the cause of Islam and the unity of all sections of the nation for the advancement of the objectives of Islam—these should be achieved in all nations. And if such a unity of expression with such a great aim which is the establishment of justice—is achieved in these countries and in the large countries of Islam, it will become such a great power that no power and superpower can withstand opposing it.

May 7, 1979 [Ordibehesht 17, 1358 AHS / Jamadi ath-Thani 10, 1399 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol.7, p. 66


"Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National-Thoughts of Imam Khomeini" Book 

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