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Crises of Modern Man

crises of modern man

Today’s world is a raucous world.  Sometimes one feels as if he has lost his self and lacks any will. We move along the current to any direction either up or down. Everything depends on the circumstances. It can be said that humans in today’s world have reached the point of uncertainty and face the crisis of identity.

The crisis emerges when a conflict arises between the person’s inner self and the surrounding world. There are different kinds of crisis that we face, some of which are discussed below.

Crisis of materialistic morality: Materialistic morality is one of the worst enemies of humanity that truly destroys it.

Crisis of skepticism: People are skeptic about everything these days. They may even doubt their own shadows. They hardly trust anyone.

Crisis of lack of self-realization: Great deal of progress has been made and people enjoy more welfare. There are so many new options in order to live more comfortably. But there is a maxim that is forgotten nowadays: one who gains knowledge of himself will gain knowledge of God.

Crisis of estrangement: Humans (even sisters and brothers) have become emotionally separated.

In the course of history, individuals that have created beautiful works were prominent persons. This is due to the fact that art and seeking beauties promotes human soul and literature is a lesson for humans.

Literature can reveal human pains and sufferings in the forms of poetry, story, literary texts, satire or other forms. As long as these pains and sufferings remain hidden, one cannot cure them. Literature speaks of problems that humans face using its attractive language in order to find a solution.

Literature can be an appropriate solution for overcoming the contemporary crises if it is expressive and sublime.

 A depressed and perplexed literature cannot offer a way out. Art must be filled with energy and certainty from its very beginning to its end. Even the title of a literary work and the book cover must convey a message and create a feeling of eagerness. Titles such as hundred years of loneliness, the alien, futile lands, etc., regardless of their contents bring about the feeling of agitation and restlessness from the very beginning. We look for a sublime and meaningful art that would alleviate the feeling of agitation and anxiety in today’s world.

We can contribute to such a solution and we can also encourage our children to read valuable literary works. We can also make the necessary arrangements at home so that all family members can get together and one of them can read out an appropriate literary work for the others.  Sohrab Sepehri says:

There is something in my heart, like a light forest, like early morning dream

And I am so restless that

I like to run to the end of the forest, to the peak of mount

A sound is calling me from far distance

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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