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Crisis of contemporary human beings and the way out (Part 1)

crisis of contemporary human beings

Listen more carefully!

You will definitely face the struggle by huge loads of information that seek to overwhelm us, either based on your will and permission or in an incessant and abrupt manner. It may happen willingly or unwillingly.

The crisis emerges when a conflict arises between the person’s inner self and the surrounding world. Generally, there are two types of crises:

Individual crisis: Person’s conflict with his inner self or his Creator.

Social crisis: Conflict of identity with the surrounding world.

There are so many conflicts that may arise on a daily basis. In this article, we intend to shed light on some examples that are normally related to family and contemporary humans:

Crisis of sentimentalism: There are no clear borders between rationality and sentiments these days. Sentimental behavior is not harmful. But it destroys everything when it undermines one’s rationality.

Crisis of loneliness: An Iranian naturalist poet, Sohrab Sepehri, says: Man is lonely here and in this loneliness the shadow of an elm runs to eternity.

Crisis of meaninglessness: We are mostly entertained by and think about different things. Instead of seeking answers to our questions we rather wait for others to influence our minds as they wish.

Some solutions suggested for getting rid of contemporary crises:

There are so many different ways in order to have a more comfortable life. Firstly, one should seek proximity to God and hold fast to the holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s household. Secondly, one should look for the world of arts and literature in particular.

Literature is full of order and organization in this disorderly world. Literature is full of love, emotion and affection and contributes to human self-realization.

Literature turns threats into opportunities. It helps humans to adopt a new approach towards the world. For example, Sohrab Sepehri says:  Eyes should be washed, the world should be seen differently.

Since art and literature are full of beauties and order, they beautify humans and enable them to adjust with different situations without compromising the principles. For example, as far as calligraphy is concerned, when you look at the calligraphy works by master Mir-Emad or master Kalhor, these works create a change within you acting as anti-bacteria in the face of various crises within humans. One can refer to the following book , The Courage to Be, that helps humans that suffer from anxiety to make their own meanings of life.

Translated by: Sadroddin Musawi

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