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Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National Thoughts of Imam Khomeini

False motive of the extreme nationalists with regard to goodness of the Muslims


In their opinion,1 transferring from one country having government and organization to another country is against reason, nationality and religious and divine standards. In the same manner, peace with the Nimrods, Pharaohs, infidels, and tyrants, and compromise with the pseudo-Muslim oppressors and pseudo-ascetics with black-foreheads have been and are the way of reward, reason and law.

With this motive in mind, compromise and submission to the world-devouring America and its surrogates is according to the dictates of reason and law and acting to the contrary is in dire contrast to reason and law. And defending the oppressed Iraqi nation, which has been suffering from the rule of despots and whose multitude of distinguished ‘ulam?’ and helpless innocents are getting martyred and whose women and children are burned and killed under the pan of tyrants while crying, “We are Muslims”, is against the dictate of reason and law!

It is this nationalist motive and ever false idea on earth that has forgotten the interests of Muslims, confined the interests of Muslims within a particular nation, and rejected throughout history the Holy Qur’an, the traditions of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and the immaculate Im?ms (A.S) and the uninterrupted path of the noble prophets and saints (A.S).

August 7, 1986 [Mordad 16, 1365 AHS / Dhu-Hijjah 1, 1406 AH] Sahife-ye Imam, vol. 20, p. 243

Source: "Islamic Solidarity in Infra-National-Thoughts of Imam Khomeini" Book 

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