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Duties of nations towards Islamic Awakening from viewpoint of Ayatollah Khamenei: (part 2)

ayatollah khamenei

Hope and determination, a source of power for nations

“The world can see that since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Muslim nations in every part of the world are confidently taking certain actions to restore their Islamic identity and culture. This is because the selfless battle of the Iranian nation has foiled the colonial and arrogant plot which says eastern and Muslim nations are not capable of forcing the US and European powers to retreat. The battle of the Iranian nation has shown the importance of genuine power. Faithful people of a country are the source of genuine power for that country, and no material power will be able to impose its will on such a country, no matter how powerful it is.”‌

“It is a fact that the arrogant powers have used the new advances, TV and radio stations, the tools of propaganda, money and industrial facilities to increase their domination over nations of the world and their daily life. But divine rules have preordained that nations of the world should awaken, and we see today that nations of the world are awakening on a daily basis. This is because they are hopeful about the future. Hope is awakening nations.

Undoubtedly the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the establishment of a government which was independent of the west and the east and promoting the policy of resistance against the arrogant powers have been the most important source of hope for nations of the world during the past ten years. These realities gave hope to the people of the world, especially Muslims. These realities awakened the people of the world. This had been preordained by God.”‌

Continuing Islamic Awakening until achieving the ideals

"Today an awakening has occurred in the Islamic world, and the enemies of Islam have been disgraced. It is necessary to continue this path. This is the path that can help our nation achieve its genuine ideals. That is to say, this path can help our nation achieve dignity, spirituality, power, welfare and scientific glory – the ideals which are popular among nations. The correct path that the children of this Revolution have followed will lead to those ideals, providing that we are steadfast. Being steadfast means that we should not lose our way, that we should not be deceived by material manifestations, that we should not give in to our passions, that we should not abandon Islamic rules and moral and spiritual obligations, and that we should not go after hedonism and carnal desires. These are essential requirements."

"In spite of all their concerted efforts against Islam, the Islamic wave and the Islamic uprising in Asia and Africa, this wave of Islamic Awakening is spreading on a daily basis, and they cannot do anything to stop it. This is because of your Revolution and your brave and faithful uprising."

The need to establish a bond with the glorious past of the Islamic Ummah

"One of the issues that deserve our attention at this point is that the Islamic Ummah should establish a bond with its history and its favorable destiny. The historical background of the Islamic Ummah is something that colonial powers have tried to distort and wipe off the memory of Muslims since the time they entered Asia and Africa. Domination over natural resources of Islamic countries and their manpower and taking the destiny of Muslim nations into their hands have been the goal of colonial powers since the late 18th century. Destroying the pride of Muslims and separating them from their glorious past were the requirements to achieve this goal. In this way, Muslims could be encouraged to abandon their culture and ethical values and to accept western culture and colonial teachings. And this plot proved effective because the domination of corrupt and autocratic governments over Islamic countries had completely prepared the way for the hegemony of colonial powers. And the aggressive norms of western culture and the promotion of all the concepts that were deemed necessary for political and economic domination of colonial powers started flowing like a flood. As a result, within 200 years all Islamic countries became an easy target for western plunderers. They did everything ranging from direct government to appropriating Muslim nations' natural resources, changing their orthography or languages, insulting what are held sacred by Muslims and even complete occupation of an Islamic country like Palestine. And they deprived Muslims of the blessings of political, economic and cultural independence – including scientific and cultural growth."

"The hearts of members of the Islamic Ummah should get closer to one another on a daily basis. We must not let tools of fomenting discord, which the enemy has imposed on Muslim nations; prove effective in a situation in which Muslims have awakened. Muslims should become unified and overcome their geographic, local, linguistic and racial differences, and they should move towards the great Islamic goals."

"Today all our people enjoy a kind of greatness. There is nobody in our Islamic society who feels humiliated, provided that they have faith in Islam and the Islamic Revolution. This is a great phenomenon. This is how an Islamic society should be. The enemies want to make Muslims develop a feeling of weakness and humiliation. After the Islamic Revolution took place and attracted the attention of the world, this feeling of humiliation was significantly reduced among nations. Backward and oppressed nations which felt humiliated were revitalized by the Islamic Revolution, and they developed an identity. This was because they saw how the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation managed to stand up against the biggest superpowers of the world and defeat them. All great nations of the world as well as all backward and third world countries saw this with their own eyes, and this created enthusiasm among them."

Source: khamenei.ir

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