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Duties of nations towards Islamic Awakening from viewpoint of Ayatollah Khamenei: (part 1)

ayatollah khamenei

The need to counter cultural and political plots of the west

“For many years, the degenerate culture of the west has been wreaking havoc and promoting corruption in Islamic countries without facing any obstacles. Unfortunately corrupt and dependent governments did not manage to build a strong wall to counter the cultural and political plots of the enemies, and this is something that is expected from a righteous government. Therefore, the leaders of western countries continued their political hegemony and economic plundering and started to spread their degenerate and humiliating culture in Islamic countries, and nobody tried to stop them.

The arrogant powers falsely believe that they can deal a blow to us by imposing wars on us, broadcasting negative propaganda, imposing sanctions and leveling allegations against us. They are unaware of the fact that Islam and Islamic Awakening have shaken the foundations of their power. And with every passing day, the fearsome waves of Islamic Awakening will further shake the thrones of the pharaohs of the world.”‌

The sense of responsibility towards Islamic Awakening

“Today the Islamic Ummah is experiencing these successes and failures. In the face of these realities, both Muslim governments and Muslim peoples have great responsibilities to fulfill, and the world of Islam is going through a sensitive stage of its history. Becoming familiar with these responsibilities and feeling responsible can turn the page of afflictions and weakness in the history of Islam and start another era of dignity and glory for Muslims and spiritual and material brilliance for the world of Islam. Today the western world, which has strengthened the weakness and backwardness of Islamic countries, has to deal with great and irremediable afflictions. Materialistic corruption and capitalism are gradually revealing their effect on the materialistic civilization of the west. The chronic maladies which were hiding under the dazzling brilliance of wealth and industrial progress are gradually revealing themselves and tell them that a crisis is around the corner. After many years of suffering, the world of Islam feels the soothing wind of Islamic Awakening. The world of Islam can see the signs of this wind across the world of Islam, especially in Iran, Palestine and Lebanon. The rays of hope have enlightened the hearts of the youth everywhere and put an end to the humiliation and domination of the west.”‌

“Today, more than ever before, the world of Islam is in need of solidarity, unity and adhering to the Holy Qur’an.

 On the one hand, the potential of the Islamic world for development and restoration of its dignity and power are more evident than ever before. Today the youth and prominent figures throughout the world of Islam aspire to restore the grandeur and glory of the Islamic Ummah. The hypocritical slogans of the imperialists have lost their charm and their foul intentions have gradually become exposed for the Islamic Ummah. On the other hand, the domineering powers which entertain hopes of global domination are alarmed by the awakening of the Islamic Ummah and its unity. They regard Islamic Awakening and Muslim unity as the obstacle in the way of their destructive plots, and they are trying to prevent them.”‌

Return to Islamic principles

“Today the situation of the world is very different compared to the past. Islamic Awakening is tangible across the world of Islam. A great movement, which is at different stages, has started in every part of the world of Islam. There is a tendency to return to Islamic principles, which are a source of dignity and progress. The intellectuals, religious scholars and politicians of the world of Islam should strengthen this movement.

 It is a mistake to think that the wave of Islamic Awakening among the youth of Islamic countries is harmful to Muslim governments. No, Muslim governments can use this Islamic Awakening to restore the dignity that the arrogant powers have taken away from them.”‌

Source: khamenei.ir

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