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The psychological warfare of the arrogant powers against Islamic Awakening

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“Psychological warfare – including humiliation, promoting despair and showing off power and material comfort – is the most important weapon that is available to the arrogant enemies who know that the awakening of the Islamic Ummah is a threat to their illegitimate interests.

Today thousands of propaganda tools are being employed in order to make Muslims disappointed in achieving a bright future and try to encourage them to accept the kind of future that is in line with their evil intentions. And such propaganda tools will be used for the same purpose in the future as well. Since the beginning of the era of colonialism, this psychological and cultural warfare has been the most effective tool used by the west to spread its hegemony over Islamic countries. The target of this poisonous arrow is primarily Muslim intellectuals and elites and then ordinary citizens.

The only way to counter this plot is to turn one’s back on the domineering and imposed western culture. Western culture should be purified by Muslim elites and intellectuals. The useful elements should be adopted and the harmful, destructive and corrupt elements should be eliminated from the mind and behavior of Islamic communities. In the process of this great purification, the standard is Islamic culture and the rich and helpful ideas extracted from the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah. This is an essential chapter in the all-out and auspicious battle which should be fought by religious scholars and political intellectuals and elites across the world of Islam.”‌

“The US and other arrogant western powers have finally concluded that Muslim countries and nations, especially those of the Middle East, form the core of this awakening and resistance to their plans for global domination. If they fail to control or suppress this Islamic Awakening in the next few years through economic, political, propaganda and military tools, all their plans for an absolute global hegemony and control of the most vital oil and gas resources – which are essential for their industrial machinery and their material advantage over the rest of humanity – will be ruined. If that happens, big western and Zionist capitalists, who are the ones that control all the arrogant governments, will fall from the peak of their imposed power.”‌

“Unfortunately the Islamic Ummah has faced certain challenges and deviations over many centuries. We strayed away from Islam and got busy with things that Islam has prohibited. Over many centuries, we got busy with internal conflicts. Satanic powers kept us busy with these things. As a result, centuries after the introduction of Islam, Muslim nations could not accomplish the objectives that had been delineated by Islam and the Holy Prophet (PBUH). In spite of the fact that Allah the Exalted has bestowed many sources of wealth on Islamic countries, sources which could have been used to make progress, Muslims came to be among the most backward nations in the world in terms of knowledge, industry and many other indicators of progress. This was not what Islam had determined for us. This was the result of our bad actions and lack of vigilance. ‘Whatever misfortune befalls you, it is from yourself.’ [The Holy Qur’an, 4: 79] It was us who gave rise to this situation over time because of our lack of vigilance.”‌

“The internal weaknesses of a society prepare the way for the aggression of the enemy of that society.

But it is the enemy who imposes weaknesses on a healthy society through his tools and facilities. We should not make a mistake in this regard. The path of the Islamic society should remain the path of fighting arrogance and global hegemony, which are unfortunately pressuring the entire world of Islam in their clutches. They are opposed to Islam. They are opposed to the awakening of Muslims. They are opposed Islamic Iran because it is Islamic. All their efforts are focused on preventing the revival of the Islamic movement in the world. Of course this hostility is headed by the oppressive and belligerent US government, which is being supported by all the big and small powers that have long been hostile to Islam – powers whose interests are in conflict with Islam or powers that are afraid of Islam. And the reason why they are opposed to Islamic Iran is that Islamic Awakening started from Iran. Today Muslim nations across the world are encouraged by our movement and our successful Revolution, and they move forward with firm determination. If, God forbid, they manage to defeat Islam in Iran, they will achieve their biggest victory against the Islamic wave throughout the world.”‌

Source: khamenei.ir

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