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The challenges and deviations of the Islamic Ummah

fist-islamic awakening

“Today in almost every part of the world the arrogant powers are fighting a determined and conspiratorial battle against Islam and Muslims. This is the important point that all Muslims should know, and they should feel responsible to counter it. Although this battle is not new in its essence and although its signs have been completely identified in the history of European colonialism, one can say that the diversity and severity of the methods employed and the fact that it is no longer kept a secret are unprecedented in history. A brief look at the current situation of the world of Islam would reveal why the battle against Islam has grown more severe and why it is no longer a secret. The reason is nothing but the spread of the wave of Islamic Awakening.

The truth is that Muslims have started a deep-rooted and genuine movement in the west and east of the world of Islam and even in non-Muslim countries, and it is appropriate to call this movement ‘revival of Islam’.

Contrary to what yesterday’s colonialists and today’s arrogant powers expected, currently not only have the youth – who are highly educated and are aware of the latest developments –not forgotten Islam, but they have also turned to Islam for a solution with their enthusiastic religious faith which has grown even stronger than before due to the progress of human knowledge.

The establishment of the Islamic Republic in Iran and its increasing stability and power are the peak of this deep-rooted movement by the youth, and this has played the most important role in spreading Islamic Awakening.

This is what has forced the camp of arrogance – which has always pretended to avoid fighting what nations believe in and hold sacred – to openly step in and make use of all the available methods, including the use of violence in some cases. One can find many leaders and politicians in America and in European countries who have openly declared that the spread of Islamic faith is a great threat and that it is necessary to fight it. The more Muslim youth have turned to Islamic faith and actions, the more explicit these statements have become, statements which are rooted in anxiety and hostility. And today the situation has become so bad that even the leaders and politicians of certain Islamic countries – who used to hide their enmity towards Islam under a veil of hypocrisy – follow in the footsteps of their American and European masters and openly speak about the threat caused by Islam in an explicit way. They consider the holy faith of the people they are ruling as a threat to themselves.”‌

Source: khamenei.ir

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