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The threats to Islamic Awakening

islamic awakening

This articled divided into three parts as follow:

1. Lack of self-confidence among leaders of Islamic countries

2. The challenges and deviations of the Islamic Ummah

3.The psychological warfare of the arrogant powers against Islamic Awakening

“Autocratic governments, colonialists and bullying governments which were opposed to Islam, humiliated Muslims and kept them backward for centuries. Now that Muslims are moving towards dignity and Islamic Awakening, the enemies will definitely lie in ambush along the way. It is necessary to watch them. I would like to mention one of these threats: discord among Muslims, among Muslim ethnicities and among Islamic denominations.

Is there anywhere in the world of Islam in which treacherous hands are not after fomenting discord? Is there anywhere in the world of Islam where evil minds serving the arrogant powers have not employed naïve and weak people to further their goals? Our goal and giant leap is to create unity among Muslim ethnicities, Islamic denominations and different groups of Muslim. There are some people whose responsibility is to foment discord in order to deal a blow to the movement which will bring about dignity for the world of Islam. Identify those people and counter them in a clever way.

If Muslims remain vigilant and consider the glory of Islam as their own glory, then this movement will undoubtedly manage to reach its goals.”‌

Lack of self-confidence among leaders of Islamic countries

“Unfortunately most of the politicians in Islamic countries added their lack of self-confidence against foreign powers to their lack of gratitude for the great power of their nations. Instead of taking advantage of the great opportunity which the victory of the Islamic Revolution had provided for them and instead of revising their negative and shameful relations with America and Europe, they simplistically adopted a hostile position against our auspicious Revolution which had strongly attracted the hearts of nations. As a result, they sank deeper into the quagmire of opposing their own people and submission to the imposition and bullying of the satanic powers. They acted against the Qur’anic warning: ‘Those who take the unbelievers for guardians rather than believers. Do they seek glory from them? All glory belongs to God.’ [The Holy Qur’an, 4: 139] They tried to seek glory from America. The appropriate punishment for this misunderstanding and misdeed is to leave them alone to worry about the destiny of their government in a pathetic way and to clearly feel that America and other leaders of global arrogance will not be able to save them once they are in danger. They should be left alone to feel with their body and soul the falsity of the belief that America is able to do whatever it wants.”‌

Source: khamenei.ir

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