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women-islamic awakening

Her Holiness Fatima (S.A): "The honour of the Ummah of Islam lies in Jihad (strug-gle in the way of Allah)."

Our most sincere salutations, greetings, respect and homage to all sisters and brothers in Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, and the rest of the world who are following the way and teachings taught by Divine leaders, who even at the cost of their lives and the lives of their dear ones, stand up firmly and steadfastly against the tyrants and their agents, and to the dear sisters and brothers who say no to those who say no to Allah-The Creator and Lord of all beings. Indeed we believe words are not sufficient to ex-press one's admiration for such heroic, truthful risings and stands.

Though our eyes are filled with tears when we hear about the massacre, torture and execution of our beloved sisters and brothers at the hands of those who bow to Satan and satanic powers, our heart are hopeful for the bright future ahead, the desirable future promised by Allah- The Most Gracious to His pious truth-loving and justice-seeking servants, a future overflowing with the brilliance of freedom, honor, glory and prosperity.

Rest assured that Allah is on your side and thus victory is yours, no matter how hard the oppressors try to guard their own ominous domination, no matter how much pure blood of you who struggle for your rights is shed at their hands, and no matter what the liers say about your motives. Allah is your witness that you are rightful, defenders and seekers of justice and fighting for the cause of Allah Who has Himself showed you the way through His Messengers.

The enemies of Allah who are in fact the enemies of humanity burn the Book of Allah, hoping foolishly to intimidate and suppress those who stand up for their Allah-given rights. Yet, in fact they are burning their own souls by so doing, buying the lowest and most terrible places for them-selves in Hell and disgrace in this world too. They are relying on the so-called world powers, not knowing that the moment Allah decrees, ail their apparent force will be brought to naught and they will be forced to flee like other wretched cowards history has witnessed so far. And then you- the steadfast followers of Divine teachers and Divine teachings will proudly hoist the flag of victory of the truth against falsehood.

Certainly, under these fateful conditions, one of the goals targeted by the mercenaries of the tyrants is to create discord among you. So, be mindful of their evil plots, guard your unity and always remember that in the Holy Qur'an Allah has commanded us to be united and to guard against dispersion. Also, remember that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) - Allah's last and most exalted Messenger has repeatedly enjoined unity upon Muslims. We are Looking forward to hearing the good news of your victory and are praying for you all.

Source: Mahjubah Magezine

By: Nayyereh Towhidi

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