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The Effect of the Islamic Revolution on the Awakening of Nations of the World

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In this part we will review some political reactions toward the Islamic Revolution through the three categories of "selecting Islam as an ideology for combat", "efforts for realizing an Islamic government", and "the role of Islamic Revolution in political life of the Islamic movements".

One of the major achievements of the Islamic Revolution is the revival of Islam in the world.

Supreme Leader has once said: "Despite over one and a half centuries of modem and all-out conspiracies against Islam, today a mighty wave of Islam is on the move across the globe according to which Islam has found a new life in Africa, Asia and even in the heart of Europe, and the Muslims have come to understand about their real identity and personality." In other words, the age of losing self-confidence for the Muslims, specially their educated strata (who sought intermix with world identity and sending their past into oblivion) has come to an end. The Islamic Revolution of Iran revived the sort of self-confidence that was once the backing for great Islamic civilization. The revival of Islam brought about various achievements for the Islamic movements. One of the greatest achievements is selecting Islam as the best and most perfect method for the fight. Islamic Jihad spokesman in his visit with Imam Khomeini said: "Intifada is a spark of light and a reflection of great victories of your revolution, the sort of revolution that made the greatest development in our age." Until before the victory of Islamic Revolution Islam had no serious role in the combat against Israel. Such an approach toward Islam meant discarding non-religious ideals such as nationalism, liberalism, communism and rejecting the idea of compulsory fate of the human being, all of which proved to be unable to save the Muslim nations from the domestic and foreign tyranny.

According to Sheik Abdullah Shami, a Palestinian resistance leader "after the Islamic Revolution, people in Palestine came to know they need Qur’an and gun to fight for freedom." For a few decades the strategy of the revolutionary movements was decided by the Marxist groups. At any rate, the Islamic Revolution was an emphasis on political aspect of Islam and after that in some countries underground organizations were founded to lead their armed combat based on Islamic principles.


Tending to Islamic way of fight is not exclusively the result of the revival of Islam that some refer to it as Islamic fundamentalism. Rather, in the new approach (where Islam is believed to be the only solution), a new understanding of Islam was presented in which Muslims have been encouraged to safeguard their rights by resistance and insistence.

Some time ago, it used to be practiced by Hassan al-Bana and Seyed Qotb in Ikhwan al-Muslimun but the Islamic Revolution introduced the revolutionary Islam more seriously. This revolutionary combat does not only mean using guns, rather, it has some peaceful means of fight such as what we have observed in the case of the Islamic Rifah Party of Turkey. The Islamic System of government that was established after the Islamic Revolution in Iran turned to be the best type of administration and most important political demand of the Muslim fighters. One of the leaders of Islamic Supreme` Council of Iraq says: "That time we used to say Islam has gained victory in Iran and it will be soon realized in Iraq. Therefore, we must learn from this revolution and use it as excellent copy for imitation."

Fathi Shaghaghi the martyred secretary general of Islamic Jihad Movement of Palestine wrote: "Immediately after the victory of Islamic Revolution in Iran, the first Islamic Jihad center of Palestine was opened in Gaza Strip. The advent of Imam Khomeini greatly impressed Palestinian intellectuals so that they sought ways for enforcement of Imam Khomeini's teachings in Palestinian cause."

In sum, the Islamic Revolution of Iran has motivated almost one and a half billion Muslims all over the world to move for the establishment of the government of Allah on the earth. This approach can be observed in the constitution, doctrines, deeds and creeds and political performance of the contemporary political Islamic movements in different forms.

Source: Echo of Islam Magazine 

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