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Intellectual Foundations of Islamic Revolution

islamic revolution

No political System can ever last long without a theoretical backup. Revolutions tend to change the existing political System with a new one. To have a desirable political System in future, the revolutions must have intellectual and theoretical backup, unless the preparations for the change have been already made.

Pointing to this fact, Davari Ardakani is of the opinion that the emergence of new rhetoric by Motahhari (assassinated thinker and academician) was a sign and preparation for the Islamic Revolution. The regime of Shah's vilification and attack against Islam on pretext of safeguarding Iranian nationality and nationalism motivated martyred thinker Motahhari rise against the regime and defend Islam. His exclusive defense plan of Islamic beliefs was developed into the intellectual foundations of the Islamic Revolution. Some, of course, do not believe in the existence of such intellectual and theoretical foundations for the Islamic Revolution. They refer only to Imam Khomeini's thesis on "Islamic Jurisprudence or Islamic Government". The thesis is a jurisprudential discussion with generalities on Islamic government without any reference to the details. They also believe that other revolutionary forces and intellectuals lacked any plan on intellectual and philosophical fundaments and a plan for the next government. If we accept this theory, we must also believe that the Islamic Revolution was the result of a trial and error process and that the revolutionary forces began to compile their intellectual and theoretical foundations after the victory of Islamic Revolution. In this sense, these foundations cannot be considered as intellectual and theoretical products; rather, they have to be taken as ideologies justifying social performance of a nation. However, there will come a day when the clouds of doubt will be vanished and the sun of truth will appear.

Source: Echo of Islam Magazine

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