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What is the Importance of Islamic Awakening?

islamic awakening

“Undoubtedly the world of arrogance consider the awakening of Muslims, Islamic unity and the progress of Islamic nations in the area of science, politics and innovation as the most serious obstacles to their global hegemony and domination, and they are fighting these things with all their power. Muslim nations have already experienced colonial and neocolonial eras.

Considering the fact that we are now in an era of postmodern colonialism, we should learn from our previous experiences and not allow the enemies to dominate our fate once again for another long period of time.

The waves of Islamic Awakening are moving forward and motivating the youth, intellectuals and ordinary citizens in many Islamic countries, thanks to the self-sacrifice of devoted strivers and the valor and sincerity of Muslim leaders in various parts of the Islamic world. The treacherous face of the domineering powers has been exposed to many Muslim leaders and statesmen. In this situation the arrogant powers are once again after new plots to continue and consolidate their domination of the Muslim world.

One of the major goals is to suppress the waves of Islamic Awakening and to sideline Islamic values once again. All the political and propaganda tools of America and other hegemonic powers are being utilized to delay the wave of Islamic Awakening and to suppress it, if possible.

Today the world, especially the world of Islam, is going through a sensitive stage. On the one hand, the waves of Islamic Awakening are sweeping across the Muslim world. On the other hand, the treacherous faces of America and other arrogant powers, which were so far hidden behind a veil of deception and hypocrisy, have now been exposed. Moreover, the gaps of weakness and degeneration have appeared in the political and military ranks of the enemies. Today Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon have turned into exhibition halls displaying the weakness and helplessness of arrogant powers like America and the Zionists. America’s Middle East policy has faced a major obstacle in the preliminary steps, and the failure of this policy has backfired on those who had engineered it.”‌

Source: khamenei.ir

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