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Undeniable Realities in the world

islamic awakening

“Today there are certain realities in the world which are undeniable. The first reality is the awakening of the world of Islam. Nobody can dispute this reality. Today Muslims throughout the world – whether they live in Islamic countries or in countries where they are in minority – are exhibiting a strong tendency towards Islam. They feel that their Islamic identity is being revived. Today the intellectuals of the world of Islam, who have become disappointed with socialism and western schools of thought, have developed a tendency towards Islam, and they are trying to find remedies for the afflictions of mankind in Islamic teachings. The current tendency towards Islam among members of the Islamic Ummah has been unprecedented for the past few centuries. Following the wide-spread political and cultural domination of Islamic countries by western and eastern blocs for several decades, Muslim youth are now turning to Islam and its teachings. This is a reality which is even acknowledged by westerners and the arrogant powers of the world. They have repeatedly said that if free elections are held in any Islamic country, those who are committed to Islam and seek to promote Islam will be elected by the people. This is why there is a contradiction in the western claims of support for democracy. On the one hand, they have raised the flag of democracy and are claiming to support democratic governments. On the other hand, they do not dare raise this flag of democracy in the world of Islam. This is because they know that Islamist elements will come to power in any Muslim country in which free elections are held.

The second reality is that the arrogant powers are the arch-enemies of this Islamic Awakening among Muslim nations and their pursuit of liberty. The reason is obvious:

Islam is opposed to domination, to the dependence of Muslims on foreign powers and to scientific and technological backwardness, which has been imposed on Islamic countries for many years. Islam is opposed to blind imitation of other people. These Islamic teachings and principles run counter to colonial and hegemonic policies of western countries and the arrogant powers, the policies which have been imposed on the Muslim world over the past few centuries.

Today these powers are trying to further their self-defined interests in this region. Islamic Awakening is exactly the opposite of their wishes. This is why they do everything in their power to oppose this Islamic Awakening and launch various political and propaganda campaigns against it.

The third reality, which is known by everybody but denied by many, is that this Islamic Awakening is not represented by those who are engaged in acts of terrorism in the world of Islam. Those who are committing crimes in Iraq, those who are acting against Muslims in the Muslim world in the name of Islam and those who consider causing discord among Muslims as their main responsibility– by resorting to Shia-Sunni differences and ethnic sentiments – are by no means the symbol of Islamic Awakening. Even the arrogant powers know this. Those who are trying to convince western nations that these reactionary and terrorist groups represent Islam know that the truth is something else.

Islam is the religion of wisdom, contemplation and new ideas. It is the religion which has given rise to the present awakening of Muslim nations, the religion which has offered remedies for the afflictions of mankind, not the religion of prejudice and blind faith that has not heard of freedom of thought. The arrogant powers understand this.”‌

Source: ‌khamenei.ir

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