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Islamic Awakening since the beginning until today

islamic awakening

“Freedom, equality of human beings, social justice, self-awareness of members of society, fighting deviation and ugliness, preferring human ideals to personal wishes, attention to God, remembrance of God, rejection of satanic domination and other social principles of the Islamic system coupled with morality, individual behavior and political and professional piety - these are all inspired by and born of that world view and that general interpretation of the world and man. Islam rejects systems which are based on coercion and bullying and systems which are born of oppression, ignorance, suppression, tyranny, humiliation of man and discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, blood and language. Islam vehemently fights with any system and person that is determined to fight the Islamic system. Except for such people and systems, Islam orders its followers to love and help all human beings - whether they are compatriots or not. It was on the basis of such goals and foundations that the Islamic Revolution took place in Iran and led to the establishment of the Islamic Republic.”‌

“Islamic countries have suffered irreparable loss during the past one hundred years. The wave of expansionism and colonialism by foreigners imposed the worst loss on Muslim nations. Muslim nations’ sources of wealth have made them a target for an all-out attack by colonial governments.

After the passage of many years, Muslim nations awakened. The wave of awakening among Muslims and the flags of liberation throughout the world of Islam created promising prospects for Muslim people. Finally the victory of Islam in Iran and the establishment of the Islamic Republic introduced the beginning of a new era for the world of Islam.”‌

“Today the wave of Islamic Awakening is an undeniable reality. Today Muslims feel that they can influence the world, the situation of human communities and the destiny of Muslims. When this feeling reaches a certain point among nations, it will manifest itself and turn into an external reality.”‌

“Today different human communities are suffering from lack of spirituality, confusion and great social and individual problems which have been caused by powerful and wealthy people of the world. They need Islam and its guidance and lessons. The Islamic call is attractive and promising for nations that are suffering from poverty and weakness. It is also equally attractive and promising for the people who are struggling in the quagmire of nihilism, confusion and spiritual poverty in wealthy and advanced countries. The increasing popularity of Islam among the youth and among those who are suffering from nihilism of the materialistic world in western countries is a testament to the influence and attraction of Islam.

By understanding and appreciating this great asset appropriately, Muslims of the world will be able to bring about a genuine change in their lives, and they will manage to save Islamic countries from the weakness, dependence, backwardness and corruption they are suffering from.”‌

“The next issue is the Islamic movements in certain Arab and African countries. One of the most promising events in the world of Islam is that the youth, intellectuals and ordinary citizens of a country demand practicing Islamic ahkaam and establishment of an Islamic government in their country. After the great Islamic Revolution in Iran and the establishment of the Islamic Republic, the camp of arrogance – headed by America – started to fear and our friends started to hope that the Islamic Revolution in Iran would be the beginning of Muslim victories in other parts of the world of Islam.”‌

“The recent events which have happened in the region – in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Bahrain – are extremely important. A fundamental change is taking place in this Islamic and Arab region. This is a sign of the awakening of the Islamic Ummah. The same thing which has been shouted as a slogan in the Islamic Republic for decades is revealing itself in the context of these countries.”‌

“These developments have two characteristics: one is the presence of the people, and the other is the religious orientation of these movements. These are two essential characteristics. The physical presence of the people is what happened in the Islamic Revolution. Parties, people who were living in their ivory towers and political analysts could not do anything. The art of our magnanimous Imam was that he managed to encourage the people to enter the arena. When the people entered the arena with their body and soul, insoluble problems were resolved and dead ends were eliminated. Today the same thing is happening in other countries. In Egypt and Tunisia it was the people who entered the arena, otherwise intellectuals and those who live in ivory towers were always there and they were talking all along. They often called on the people to protest, but nobody would listen to them. This time it was the people who entered the arena with a religious orientation. Friday prayers, congregational prayers, chanting the Name of God, religious scholars, promoters of religion, founders of new schools of religious thought in certain countries - these were the elements that encouraged the people to step in. This is a characteristic of these events. Why did the people step into the arena? Obviously their dignity was the factor that caused them to enter the arena. The oppressive rulers in Egypt, Tunisia and other countries had hurt the pride of the people.”‌

Source: khamenei.ir

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