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What is the meaning of Islamic Awakening?

islamic awakening

“An Islamic movement or revolution is an uprising against values of jahaliyya and satanic governments which shackle human beings and cause oppression, corruption, social and racial discrimination, widespread corruption, oppression of the masses and other problems – governments which sacrifice everything for making more profits and preparing the ground for wealthy and powerful people to strengthen their oppressive rule. Therefore, an appropriate Islamic movement causes a confrontation between two value-systems. It causes a confrontation between two cultures: the culture of shackling human beings and the culture of liberating them. Therefore, any Islamic movement should be prepared to break the resistance of all powerful people in the world.

Today, after centuries of decline, stagnation and humiliation, Muslim nations from the four corners of the world of Islam have developed a tendency towards awakening and a divine uprising. And the aroma of freedom, independence and return to Islam and the Holy Qur’an  has filled the general atmosphere in many Islamic countries. Therefore, today Muslims need to strengthen their bond with their brilliant past, with the era of divine uprisings and the Islamic battle of the early years of Islam. Islamic memories are like a cure for any wise Muslim living in Islamic territories, a cure which saves Muslims from weakness, humiliation, despair and pessimism. Islamic memories show the way to achieving the goals of Islam, the kind of goals which wise people have always strived for in their lifetime.”‌

“The occurrence of Islamic Awakening does not mean that all the nations and people that have contributed to this awakening have understood the intellectual bases of an Islamic system of government, rather it means that the sense of Islamic identity is prevalent everywhere among Muslim masses.”‌

Source: khamenei.ir

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