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Letter of Imam Khomeini to Mikhail Gorbachev

part 3


Mr. Gorbachev,

After mentioning these problems and preliminary points, let me call on you to study Islam earnestly, not because Islam and the Muslims may need you but because Islam has exalted universal values which can bring comfort and salvation to all nations and remove the basic problems of mankind. A true understanding of Islam may forever release you rom the problem of Afghanistan21 and other similar involvements. We treat Muslims of the world as Muslims of our own country and will ever share in their destiny.

By granting certain liberties to some of your Republics in maters pertaining to religious practices, you have shown that you no longer consider religion as the "opium of the people."22 Indeed, how can Islam be the opium of the people””the religion that has made Iranians as irm as a mountain against superpowers? Is the religion that seeks the administration of justice in the world and man's reedom rom material and spiritual shackles, the opium of the people? Only that religion is the opium of the people that causes the material and spiritual resources of Islamic and non-Islamic countries to pass into the clutches of superand lesser powers and that preaches that religion is separate rom politics. This, however, cannot be called a true religion; it is what our people call "an American religion."

In conclusion, I declare outright that the Islamic Republic of Iran as the greatest and most powerful base of the Islamic world can easily ill the vacuum of religious faith in your society. In any case, our country, as in the past, honors good neighborhood and bilateral relations.

Peace be upon those who follow the guidance.23


Ruhullah al-MusawIal-Khomeinl

67/10/11 AHS

[January 1, 1989]

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