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Palace- and Slum-Dwellers


o   We must try to purge this nation of the culture of palace-residency.


o   Most of the corrupt modes of conduct reach the people through the affluent classes.


o   The nature of palatial living negates sound and correct upbringing. It negates effort, innovation, composition, and authorship.


o   At the time when we consider that in our religion we have a rich fiqh and a

rich philosophy, we will realize that those who have thus enriched our iqh and philosophy were all from among the slum-dwellers; none came from among the denizens of palaces.


o   The agitation of the palace residents is absent in the slum-residents. The

tranquility [of mind] that this deprived class enjoys is the envy of those in the high places.


o   We suffered badly at the hand of palace residents during the Constitutional

Movement. Our Majlis sessions and terms were filled by them; among them were a few slum-dwellers who prevented a great deal of the deviations.


o Today, thanks to God. none of our officials are palace residents; our government is not a 'palatial' government. The day our government acquires a leaning toward palaces is the day we should ing the death knell of the nation and the government.


o The day our President, God forbid, departs from the culture of slum-dwelling and moves over to palatial living, that day his downfall and the downfall of those with whom he is in contact, begins.


o How I wish that the palace residents observe the conditions of our

     suffeing  people,  so that  they  might then  stop aiding  the  American

     government in its crimes!


o You, flourishing slum-dwelling youth, enjoy greater honor than the palace

     residents and it is you who preserved Islam!


o These "down-towners" and barefooted, as you termed them””these-are our benefactors.


o Without the help of the deprived masses, the government could not have

     been established.


o Without the aid of these deprived people, these villagers and the people

     south of the cities, we would not have been able to endure the difficulties,

     and the former regime could not have been overthrown!


o Only those who have experienced the pangs of poverty, deprivation and

     oppression will remain with us to the end!

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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