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The Youth and the Adolescents

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


o We need our youth to be trained through humane training; that is, by Islamic training.


o You teach and train the youth. Teaching must be in tandem with training.


o These young folks, who must keep and administer this country in the future, must be trained and reformed properly.


o Islam is concerned with the purification of our children and youth more than anything else.


o Be serious in purifying yourselves of the carnal desires while you are still young and enjoy the power of youth.


o Days of youth are the spring of repentance, for (at this period) the sins weigh less, the darkness of the heart and conscience is lighter and the terms of repentance are easier.


o I want the youth, girls and boys, not to sacrifice independence, freedom and human values, even by tolerating hardships, for luxury, saturnalia and presence in the centers of corruption””things that are presented to you by the West and its homeless agents.


o Those who, during the last 50 odd years and in the course of history, wanted to rob us, tried to make our youth indifferent.


o In the study and research of Islamic truths, the Muslim youth should consider and look for genuine Islamic accounts in the political, economic, social, and other areas and never forget the distinctions that separate Islam from all other schools.


o   The youth should know that no man will sacrifice himself and care for the

ummah unless he believes in morality, monotheism and the Day of Resurrection.


o   You prolific youth, you honorable students who are my hope and my glad

tidings, you should be vigilant wherever you are and wherever you are in Iran, and defend your rights with alertness!


o   All our youth, old men, women, men, and children should make sacrifices

in the path of Islam, for the honor of Islam and their homeland, and for the glory of the Holy Qur'an.


o   You, dear youth, entertain no disappointment or despair; truth shall


o   By the might of you young folks this country shall be reformed!

o   What an honor, to have such prolific youth of our country at the service of



o   The transformation that has occurred in our youth, in the people and in

those who are dedicated is more important than the transformation that has

come about in the country.


o   You, youth, who are my hope and my glad tidings, try to safeguard your

unity of expression!


o   It is incumbent on you, worthy youth of Islam who are the hope of the

Muslims to make the nations aware, and reveal the vicious and devastating plots of the colonizers.


o It is incumbent on you the enlightened youth not to rest until you have

     awakened  the  dormant  people  from  their  fatal   slumber  and   impart

     awareness to the negligent by disclosing to them the treasonous and

criminal acts of the colonizers and their uncultured followers.


o You, young generation, you have a duty to awaken the Westernized

     individuals and expose their inhuman rules and acts.


o Some of our young have sacriiced their entire national prestige for the

     West, and it was this morale setback that was for us worse than all others

     we had.


o Let our young not think that everything is in the West and they have

      nothing themselves!

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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