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Aides of the Revolution

(Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini)


(Families of Martyrs, Surviving Veterans, Freed Prisoners of War)


o We are all from God; the entire world is of God and is God's

      manifestation, and the whole world shall return unto Him. Therefore.

      much better that the return be by choice and selection, with man opting for

martyrdom in the path of God and Islam, and choose death for God's sake.


o You, families of the martyrs! By the martyrdom of the honorable ones of

     this land you made the entire world understand that in the path of Islam

     you will sacrifice all your dear ones.


o (To the families of the martyrs:) You are the sight and the light of this



o We hope you dear children who are mementoes of those who sacriiced in

      the path of God and Islam, will, like your noble fathers, will prepare

      yourselves for the defense of the great Islam and the dear homeland.


o The families of the martyrs, the prisoners of war, the missing, and the

     surviving veterans are themselves protectors of the values of martyrdom

     and sacriice, and with the help of God. shall maintain this watch.


o   You, families of the martyrs, the disabled and the injured, have

demonstrated that you will never let imperialism cast a shadow on the destiny of this country.


o   The martyrs of the Great Revolution, like the martyrs of the early period

of Islam, are greatly valued and honored in the Presence of God and are praised and blessed by Him and the awliya' of Islam!


o   Your service to them (families of the martyrs) is a service to the Noble

Prophet as well as a service to all the .prophets.


o   (To the authorities of the Martyrs Foundation:) Your service is the most

worthy and valuable service.


o   Whenever I meet these dear ones or see the human-cultivating testament

of a martyr. 1 feel humble and belittled.


o The martyrs' tombs and the bodies of the handicapped relate and bear

      witness to the greatness of their eternal souls.


oYou (children of the martyrs) are the truthful witnesses and mementoes of

      iron wills, and the most exemplar and sincere servants of God.


o I am interested to see you each a learned man and a dedicated expert for

      the pure Muhammadan Islam; a mighty combatant against the American

      Islam and the Islam of the affluent; a faithful standard-bearer for your own

martyrs and those who sacrifice themselves and be able by the light of knowledge and piety, to wipe off Islam's lap the darkness of hypocrisy, crooked thinking, petrifaction, and sanctimoniousness.


o The shining record of the martyrdom and sacrifices of your dear ones is

      true witness to acquisition of highest moral degrees and stations by them,

      signed and stamped by the Pleasure of God. and your record depends upon

your effort and struggle.


o   Life in today's world is life in the school of the will, and the happiness or

misery of any man is geared to the will of the same man.

o The cherished missing ones are the axis of God's boundless sea, and those

     with inherent want in this base world are dumbfounded at the majesty of

     their station.


o Convey my warm greetings and sincere love to these valuable capital

     assets of the Revolution, these mementoes of eternal teachers of the school

     of love and martyrdom.


o   Let no harsh word shall ever be uttered to these families of the martyrs and

the incapacitated.


o   The wounded and the disabled ones have become the light of guidance,

who in all corners of this land, show the way to the eternal bliss to those steadfast in faith.


o   Greetings to you, the disabled and incapacitated ones, who gave your

limbs and wellbeing along the way of exalting the Holy Qur'an.


o   You are the telling language of honor, the telling tongue of Islam.


o Those who abuse the blood of you, the youth, and you, the disabled, for

      the sake of themselves and their power are outside the essence of man's



o   Whatever the Islamic Revolution has [achieved] is through the blessing of

the struggles of the martyrs and those who sacrificed themselves.


o   O martyrs, lo and behold! Rest assured that by the side of God Almighty,

your nation shall not abandon your victory!


You, families of the blood-buried martyrs, and you, the disabled ones, who insured for yourselves the eternal life by sacrificing your wellbeing, be sure that your nation is determined to guard your victory until the sovereignty of Allah is implemented, and until the advent of the Last Proof of Allah””may my soul be his ransom.

Source: 'Wise Sayings of Imam Khomeini" book 

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